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If you're not using an agent, you might start out in the wrong direction when you are beginning the process of buying real estate. If you don't have an agent, but have an established relationship with a lender, that could be in your interest in some cases. It just depends on what you want to purc...
Well, looks like Getty is getting a taste of their own medicine. If this story doesn't have you taking a crash course in copyright procedures, nothing will. I assume these photos were used for commercial purposes and generated income for those that used the photos,, so that is why I expect the fi...
Well, winter has arrived in many places including here in Lovettsville VA. Seems like every year there is an outbreak of house fires around this time. A recent nearby fire was nothing more than smoke and small fire in a garage that did less than $1000.00 damage. Owner reportedly was careless when...
 Apparently the FBI had enough evidence to convict these 3, but I always wonder why everyone involved in schemes like these aren't prosecuted. If checking common denominators on all 36 home purcheses revealed that the same buyer agents name came up on let's say 6 of the purchases, and evidence sh...
In the Loudoun county fields and woods behind us, bucks of all sizes have been chasing does. It " The Rut" happens every year around this time. Bow season is over, though you can still bow hunt if you want, now muzzle loader season is in, which usually happens during breeding season every year. B...
We can expect to see NAR and others promoting these for sale even though they haven't even been approved yet. I know some agents will jump on having their own personal xagent.REALTOR domain name. Personally, I think if you already have an effective dot com that you've been using for years, then I...
I admit, I haven't devoted sufficient time to learning everything there is about how AR works. Every so often I go through all the links to see if I want to edit anything, and each time I do that, I do see something I want to edit.  When I think about all the technology we use in this business, i...


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