homes: 10 Do or Don't Items of Fire Safety Including Fireplace and Chimney - 12/27/17 05:44 AM

Each year I hear about multiple house fires at the start of winter. Almost all could have been avoided if the residents took the time to do a few safety checks and/or used common sense. Two recent fires that destroyed homes were due to improper disposal of smoking materials and fireplace/woodstove ashes.
 If you have a standard fireplace as shown in above photo, you can do some quick checks before using it each year. Most fireplaces have all the basics components. A foundation, hearth, firebox, smoke shelf, throat, outside air intake, flues, shell, profile, damper, clean out, ash dump, chimney, rake, flashing, … (7 comments)

homes: Lovettsville VA - Buy a Home - Get a Lifestyle - 10/23/16 10:57 PM

Weverton MD Cliffs and AT Top Center
  There are numerous things to do outdoors in and around Lovettsville. Yesterday evening we did a fairly quick hike starting at the old Weverton Grist Mill which is on the VA side of the Potomac river. After exploring and photgraphing the old mill, we headed West towards Harper's Ferry WV on the River Mill Trail. We are actually on the Harper's Ferry Historic National Park land which runs all the way to Lovettsville. Looking across the Potomac, this first photo is of Weverton Cliffs in MD. We have hiked that several times. At the … (2 comments)

homes: Choosing Builder for New Home Construction in Northern VA - 07/30/16 05:25 AM
 Choosing a builder can be difficult. If you have plans to hire a builder, it's a good idea to shop around. If you don't already know a lot about what's involved in building a house, a builders reputation over several years is a good place to start looking. Many builders are hands on, and choose their subcontractors carefully. Others hire whoever they can find and whoever is cheaper. Choosing by cheapest price isn't always the best way to go about it.
Many trades are involved, and each one of those trades should be professionals. If a builder uses these same subs for … (1 comments)

homes: Preparing Your Home For Sale Inside and Out - 07/13/16 02:36 AM
It's not always easy to keep up with mowing, gardens, and landscapes, but if you are trying to sell, keeping the yard and exterior looking well maintained can help get potential buyers in the door! I know it's hot, so you might want to plan outside work for early mornings, or late evenings. Thirty minutes a day will add up over time. If you have to and can afford it, hire someone to mow and work on the landscaping.
 Pay attention to the entire exterior of your property. That includes the mailbox, driveway, sidewalks, mulch, flower beds, grass, deck, trash can area, … (2 comments)

homes: Solarize Your Purcellville VA Home - 07/11/16 08:04 AM
   "Solarize Purcellville, that makes adding solar power to your home easier and more affordable by offering bulk purchasing discounts and free solar site assessments. "    Through July 31, residents within the Town of Purcellville can utilize Solarize Purcellville to learn more about solar power options specific to their homes and take advantage of a streamlined installation and financing process. A complimentary home energy checkup is also being offered as a part of this program.    This is a grassroots, community-based outreach initiative that is sponsored by the Northern Virginia Regional Commission along with the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) … (1 comments)

homes: Redskins Old Quarterback RG3s House is on Market - 04/05/16 09:10 AM
 Usually homes owned by sports stars, or famous people don't really interest me. That is, whoever lived there doesn't realy contribute to the actual $ value in my opinion. Especially if they only owned the house for a few years or so. I've seen many so called famous owner homes that are way, way overpriced.
 In this case, Robert Griffin III's house in Creighton Homes development along route 15 between Leesburg and Aldie seems to be priced very well to me. RGIII was let go by the Redskins, and he was hired by the Cleveland Browns.
 The home seems to be in excellent … (6 comments)

homes: We Won't Lose Scent of Our Home Sellers and Buyers Goals - 03/22/16 01:14 AM
 Just like a good tracking dog, we use our legs, eyes, ears, and nose when tracking down buyers for our listings, and for finding homes for our buyers.
FOR SELLERS: We use as many marketing methods as possible to generate a steady supply of interested buyers. Those methods include MLS, Newspapers, Magazines, Post Cards, Flyers, A variety of Blogging Platforms, Signs, Brochures, Websites, SMS, 24 Hour Toll Free Hotline, Syndication, Open Houses, Broker Opens, Video, Virtual Tours, Facebook Pages and Groups, LinkedIn, and more!
FOR BUYERS:  We use many of the same methods to find them the house that meets their needs. Those … (2 comments)

homes: New VHDA Grants / Down Payment Assistance Program - 03/13/16 10:37 PM

Good News From VHDA on DPA
 The Virginia Housing and Development Authority Down Payment Assistance Grant funds are available starting Monday March 14th.
These are the main qualification points:
> Only Virginia property addresses
> Income Limits apply, and income for all household members must be included including the Income of non-borrowing. Limits for our area are $97,520 for a 2 person household and     $113,840 for a 3 or more person household
> The maximum grant is 3% of the lesser of sales price or appraised value for VHDA Fannie Mae and 3.50% for VHDA FHA
> VHDA Fannie Mae and VHDA FHA are the only … (1 comments)

homes: Virginia First Time Homebuyer Classes - Home Inspection - 01/31/16 12:29 AM
 I'm currently lining up locations and qualified speakers for my 2016 schedule for Free First Time Homebuyer classes. If you think you will be a first time buyer, a buyer who hasn't owned a house in the last 3 years, or a buyer planning on buying in a Federal Targeted Area, there are several benefits to you taking one of these classes during 2016. Once completed, you'll be issued a certificate that is good for 2 years that will make you eligible for numerous benefits including Grants and Special loan programs. But the main reason to take this class is the … (5 comments)

homes: Hiking & Activities Within 30 Minutes of Lovettsville VA - 01/18/16 07:31 AM
 Lovettsville VA is convenietly located in Western Loudoun county VA. It offers activities for every type of lifestyle. Today, I'll focus on hiking. Just West of Lovettsville is Neersville VA. Just take 287 S towards Purcellville, to 9 W towards Hillsboro. Then turn right on Harper's Ferry Rd which will take you to and through Neersville to WV. Neersville is commonly known as "Between The Hills". We recently stopped at the Blue Ridge Center to hike. We were greeted by this family of pigs!
It's a great place to know about and visit, especially if you like the outdoors. You can rent … (9 comments)

homes: Lovettsville VA Land and Homes With Views - 01/12/16 10:36 PM
  I've been working with buyers that are looking for land to build a house on. One of their criteria is the view. Mountain views preferably. Elevations can be deceiving, and many times properties that appear level, have great mountain views. The drive from Point of Rocks MD on Lovettsville Rd going towards Lovettsville is mostly a steady uphill climb. Mid way up there are views of Catoctin, Sugarloaf, and Short Hill mountains. There is no shortage of mountain views from Lovettsville VA. The other day I walked a 34 acre mountain top property with good views in Waterford VA. Other … (2 comments)

homes: Homebuyers - Review The New Loan Estimate Here - 10/07/15 08:11 AM
If you're a homebuyer currently in the market, you've probably already heard about the new CFPB procedures that took effect OCT 3, 2015. If you plan to buy soon, or in future, you can begin studying now. It will be in your best interest to understand all of the new forms, procedures, and requirements that are now part of the home buying and home selling process. When you are talking to agents, loan officers, and choosing a title company to handle your closing, the more you " Know Before You Owe", the better.
 Don't burn yourself out, so I recommend you start … (9 comments)

homes: Trash Gives Properties and Neighborhoods a Bad Image - 04/05/15 12:48 AM
I was showing some townhouses a couple evenings ago in Leesburg VA. We are close to preparing an offer on one that should work well for this family. Another similar one came up nearby, so I suggested we look at it for comparison. When we pulled up, I could tell by the look on their faces that this one would be eliminated. Trash, leaves, etc littered just about every yard in both directions. Cars were sitting up on jack stands in the parking spaces. Someone had just did a quick makeover and paint was slopped everywhere. Inside the carpet smelled and … (18 comments)

homes: New Start-up Flipt to Take on Zillow and Trulia - 05/03/14 11:03 PM
It seems I/we are always running across new companies that think they can solve all the problems in real estate for buyers and sellers! Yet, they all seem to offer a " Pro- Realtor subscription" for a monthly fee. Agents will sign up for many of these for a while just to test them out, but many agents also find out that they would have been better off "investing" their money somewhere else, or just keeping it in their pockets. Another new secret "complex algorithm" will solve so many problems in real estate, and will be able to tell online buyers … (2 comments)

homes: Septic System Maintenance - FOG Can Ruin Your Septic System - 04/08/14 10:45 PM
Whenever I'm showing homes with onsite septic systems, I always visit the health dept in the county where the property is located to review the file. I usually pay for a copy of the file so I can review it with potential buyer. Sometimes this is the first time a buyer actually studies and learns a little about how a septic system is suppose to work. If I'm showing in Loudoun, I'll stop by Health Dept in Leesburg. I can usually just pop in, request file, and have it in 15 minutes of less. In Prince William county, they require a 48 hour … (4 comments)

homes: Maryland Agent Robbed at Vacant House - Review Safety Procedures - 03/24/14 08:47 PM
This scenario easily could have turned out much worse for this female agent. Rape, abduction, murder could have followed this robbery. So actually this agent was lucky in a way only losing her purse and some personal belongings.
 But this robbery is a reminder to amp up your security, especially when showing or previewing vacant homes. This home was supposedly vacant for several years. Maybe the robber was local and knew that, or maybe he just spotted an opportunity as he was passing by, or maybe both. He could have even set the agent up by calling and requesting a showing?

homes: Lovettsville VA Homes - Land - Farms - Historic - 03/23/14 12:03 AM
Lovettsville VA is located withinn 30 minutes of a huge variety of places that attract people of all lifestyles. Just to name a few, Harpers Ferry WV, C&O canal towpath, Potomac River with publi boat launches, MARC commuter train to DC, Downtown Leesburg VA, Purcellville VA, Hamilton VA, Hillsboro VA, numerous Wineries, Short Hills, Catoctin Mountains,B&B's, Fairgrounds, Frederick MD, Brunswick MD, Burkittsville MD,Boonsboro MD, numerous horse farms and facilities, etc, etc. Lovettsville attracts people of all ages and all lifestyles. Government workers have part time farming businesses, farmers and IT workers can earn a living from here. Kids can join the … (0 comments)

homes: $50.00 Crack Does $500,000.00 in Damage - Don't Skimp on Inspections - 02/06/14 08:33 PM
This home wasn't for sale, but I'm using it for an example. This was a recent house fire in Lovettsville VA. House was mostly destroyed along with owners belongings. Cause of fire was reported to be a crack in the thimble. A thimble is a round flu liner that usually connects to the flus that are inside of most chimneys. Many people hook wood stoves, pellet stoves, etc up to them. This is just another example of the importance of a thorough home inspection, and the importance of having your chimney inspected and cleaned on a regular basis. Maybe no one … (39 comments)

homes: Homesellers- Protect Your Home Before and During Sale Process- Product - 01/13/14 10:40 PM
I recently was in a home in Lovettsville helping a homeowner with a brick fireplace and hearth demo and replacement. The owner had hardwood floors in the foyer, living, kitchen, and family room where fireplace was located. So old brick and flagstone would need to be carried out through the house, and new brick and mortar would need to be carried in. Plus a variety of tools would be used throughout the project. Many owners might throw down some cardboard, old blankets, and poly drop cloth thinking that should be enough protection. Well, this owner was more concerned about accidental damage … (4 comments)

homes: Detroit Area To Demolish 4000-7000 Blighted & Abandonded Structures - 08/28/13 08:36 AM
Detroit holds close to 78000 vacant and abandoned homes that depress values on surrounding homes?
If the housing problem can't be solved, let's just bulldoze it under so we can't see it. I wonder what happens to the thousands of people that use to live in these blighted and abandoned homes? And, if they can secure 100 million dollars to demo all of these structures, why couldn't they secure 100 million to help all those people stay in their homes?
This looks like a housing crisis at it's worse. I suppose demo companies, dump truck drivers, landfill operators, are going to … (4 comments)

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