virginia real estate: No Filming or Photgraphing Without Permission of Seller or List Agent - 10/10/12 12:18 AM
VAR publishes a magazine called " Commonwealth", and usually in each issue, current attorney Blake Hegeman provides answers to legal questions from agents and/or brokers in the " legallines" section.
 I know some of these questions have been mentioned on AR before, and I know some States have different laws than Virginia, but I like this section as it provides a good resource for answers to legal questions, and archives the questions and answers in their legal library.
 One question on pg 10 in this October / Novemeber 2012 issue is as follows:
" Q: I represent the and he is … (2 comments)

virginia real estate: 12 Effective Marketing Ideas to Help Sell Your Home Faster - 09/21/11 07:26 AM
You can find Jeff Pearl Homes on Facebook. The link below should take you directly to the my page where you'll find the 12 Marketing Ideas. I use these to help sell all of my listings, as well as using several additional marketing ideas, from old style hands on marketing to the latest internet technology and strategies. If you're thinking of selling, whether you're planning on trying to sell yourself, or hiring an agent like me that provides all of these services and more, these 12 marketing ideas will get your property showing up all over the internet and continuously attract … (3 comments)

virginia real estate: Are We Discriminating by Judging Condo Complexes by Condition of Cars in the Lot? - 09/21/11 01:58 AM
I've been working with some customers looking at condos from Leesburg VA to  Alexandria VA. There are quite a variety of condos available, from one level 55 and over communities in Ashburn VA  to Hi Rises  like Skyline Towers in Baileys X Roads. Many are old but are very appealing in several ways. ( Low condo fees, close to Metro, etc) But one thing I keep noticing is that many potential buyers want me to drive around the parking lot before deciding to go in. One man said " I don't want my mother living here." We didn't even go in. … (59 comments)

virginia real estate: Real Estate Back in The Day - Are We Too Distracted With Technology Today? - 09/15/11 02:58 PM
I've been meaning to write this post and Suzanne McLaughlin's post today about silouetted photos motivated me to get busy on it. I would say that the majority of agents and general public prefer to see a picture of the person they are communicating with. Suzanne was wondering why so many agents just have a silouette on their blogs, cards, and/or web sites. These silouettes were somewthing our parents did back in the 60s. We had them hanging on the wall going up the stairs when we were kids. My mom had 7 kids. I think she still has those silouettes, … (4 comments)

virginia real estate: Why is This Person Vacuuming The Back of His Refrigerator? - 08/10/11 07:21 AM
Well, mainly because we don't feel like going out and spending $1000.00 on a new one if we don't have to. This is another one of those often overlooked maintenance items. When done every few years, it can make your refridgerator operate more efficiently, and extend it's life for a at least a few more years. When not done, you might get some unexpected bad news when your refridgerator overheats, dies, and needs replacing, and even worse, that bad news might come when you just don't have any extra cash laying around to buy a new one.
 How do you know … (4 comments)

virginia real estate: I Said it Had 6 Baths, Not 6 Bath Rooms. Failing to Present True Picture in Ads. - 07/15/11 01:13 PM
The new NVAR Citation System makes it easier for the Grievence Committee to issue fines. Based on the fact that over 50% of the offers I get are not filled out properly, I expect several agents will be getting unexpected fines if they don't put more effort into properly preparing an offer. Not filling out required forms can result in a 2-$400.00 fine.  Failure to clearly represent the current condition can lead to a $250.00 fine. " One way to fail to present a true picture of a property would be to retouch a photograph, or even to use an older … (66 comments)

virginia real estate: Sentrilock / Sentrilite Showing Suite and Feedback System - 06/21/11 12:23 PM
Ok, I have Sentrilock account as do most agents in this area. I have never been able to bring myself to activate the FREE automates feedback request system, mainly because most agents don't like receiving 3 feedback requests any more than they like receiving 3 calls on their cell phone from a marketing company asking if they want to buy anymore post cards. If agents want to provide feedback, they will, and if they want to buy more post cards, they'll go to the companies web site and order them when they need them.
 So I was curious, how many agents … (2 comments)

virginia real estate: Open House and Buyer Tactics That Don't Work - 06/20/11 12:08 PM
About every 1-2 weeks I get a call or email similar to this one I just received today. Sometimes it's a "buyer" with a similar bs hardship, sometimes it's from an agent working with an " investor" or a buyer fishing for somewhere to throw their low ball line and bobber while fishing for suckers. I left out the writers name on purpose.  This was open Sat and Sun 1-4, but I had to attend a funeral in Vienna Saturday, so access was by owner. "Dear Mr. Pearl, I stopped by the property at 29 Berlin Pike in Lovettsville yesterday for … (0 comments)

virginia real estate: Facing Foreclosure- No Showings." Where do Buyers Come From?" - 06/06/11 11:06 AM
I recently received a call from an owner asking me if I could find a buyer for his vacation house. He said he needed a buyer soon or bank was going to foreclose. He gave me address so I could research price, market, etc. He said had been trying to sell for a couple years, gave up, then rented it out, tenants quit paying and took a few months for them to move out. Seller is now desparate. ( I did suggest the possibility of a short sale)
 Well, I go to look it up under " Withdrawn", or " Expired" … (23 comments)

virginia real estate: Do You Buy Gift Baskets For Title Companies? - 06/04/11 04:34 AM
I know many agents just don't  deal with closing gifts to buyers and sellers, but if a Title company handles your closings on a regular basis, ( and even if they make a few mistakes now and then doing those closings), do you send them some type of Thank You gift? If so, when should you send it? After you receive your commission check which might be 2-3 weeks after the closing. Or the week following the closing? Should you send them something after every closing? Or just not send them a closing/thank you gift at all?

virginia real estate: Mortgage Disclosures to Replace Good Faith Estimates - 06/03/11 09:22 AM
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is testing two versions of mortgage disclosures to replace the current Good Faith Estimate. You can view the two options at One of these will become the new disclosure this Fall or Winter. Which one do you think will be best?

virginia real estate: 75 Acre Working Farm for Sale in Lovettsville VA - 06/03/11 02:23 AM
Working Farm, 1870 Farm house expanded in mid 70s, 2 story bank barn, fenced, creek. 50 acres in Soy, 15 acres hay. Greta for cattle and/or crops. Already in land use for reduced taxes. 2010 total tax was $4025.00 House is 6 bedrooms, 2 full baths, propeane , well, septic, outbuildings, run in, mountain view. Near Potomac River and Brunswick MD MARC Train. Private on dead endroad. Surrounded by other large farms. Zoned AR-1 Many commercial uses allowed. Sellers not responsible for rollback taxes. Tour at Just reduced $100,000.00 to $1,200,000.

virginia real estate: You Haven't Foreclosed Yet- I Still Own It, I Can Sell Everything in it if I want to! - 05/31/11 03:02 AM
This morning I heard the story about a married couple- a cop and real estate agent in CA that lost their house to foreclosure. They were so furious that they totally trashed the house inside and out, cut trees down, stuffed toilets with garbage, painted graffiti on all the walls, knock holes in walls with sledge hammer, ruined all tile flooring, sold appliances, cabinets, doors, and whatever else that had value, etc, etc.
The cop has since resigned, and I doubt if the agent can ever survive in this business again? They are both facing long jail time now. How stupid … (6 comments)

virginia real estate: Memorial Day- The Picture Says it All - 05/30/11 10:11 AM
A Tribute to Soldiers, Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters,Sons, Daughters, Relatives, Friends, etc.
Families gather in section 60 of Arlington National Cemetery to honor those that they lost. US Army/Arlington National Cemetery photo by Public Affairs Specialist Jacqueline Leeker


virginia real estate: Clueless Appraisers- Where are banks finding them? - 05/29/11 11:13 AM
I have no problem telling appraisers all I can about a sold property, or even one under contract, which was the case yesterday. I'm sub dividing some land for some owners and locating new perc sites. There is a lot involved with county and health dept, and these projects are in progress. Two 13-16 acre lots have old barns and farm buildings on them. An appraiser called me that was trying to appraise a 7 acre lot about 10 miles South of my lots. He wanted to know what the measurements of the barns were on my lot listings. I told … (3 comments)

virginia real estate: Inner Peace and Attitudes - 05/26/11 12:07 PM
Inner Peace:
If you can start the day without caffeine,
If you can always be cheerful, ignoring aches and pains,
If you can resist complaining and boring people with your troubles,
If you can eat plain food every day and be grateful for it,
If you can understand when your loved ones are too busy to give you any time,
If you can take criticism and blame without resentment,
If you can conquer tension without medical help,
If you can relax without liquor,
If you can sleep without the aid of drugs,
...Then You Are Probably
The Family Dog!

virginia real estate: Why You Need to Flush Your Water Heater Every 30 Days - 05/20/11 04:52 AM
 This is what comes out first every time I drain a couple gallons every month. We use this water to shower, cook, do laundry, etc.


virginia real estate: Maryland 1rst to Adopt International Green Construction Code - 05/13/11 11:12 AM
How will this affect agents? Will a repair on a property under contract have to meet the new Green code? Will that new deck have to meet Green code standards? Will your contractor or HandyPerson have to be certified in the new Green code before doing any repairs on one of your listings? If a homeowner wants to get a permit for an addition, will they have to upgrade some of their existing house to meet the new Green Construction code? How much will this add to the cost of building and remodeling? Lots of questions, and hopefully there are lots … (2 comments)

virginia real estate: Do Not Pass Loan Mod-Go Directly to DIL - 05/09/11 11:32 AM
Forget Shorts Sales and Loan Modifications, just go straight to DIL ( Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure). A homeowner in our area bought a home for $600,000. back in 2006. Current assessment is $377,000.00 Owners can afford payments and their payments were current, but figure they should apply for a loan mod. After those attempts were rejected over and over by the lender, they were actually told by an employee of the bank to stop making their payment, then apply again for a loan mod. ( Employee asked him not to tell anyone he said that). Anyway, that strategy was also … (29 comments)

virginia real estate: Housing Discrimination Alive and Well - More Testers Needed - 05/08/11 12:40 AM
A recent televised interview with BNI-Maryland, Testers, and others reported their investigations continue to show people are being discriminated against based on race in 2011. In one recent case, A Black and White couple were sent in to apartment complexes in Baltimore and Frederick MD areas to ask about renting an apartment. They were told at one place that there were no units available. They asked if they could fill out an application so the apartment manager could keep it on file in case anything became available. They were told that there was no need, to just check back in a … (5 comments)

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