jeff pickering: New Temporary FHA Loan Limits - 02/25/09 03:48 AM
The New Temporary FHA Loan Limits in Maricopa County are:

One family $346,250
Two family $443,250
Three Family $535,800
Four Family $665,850
  For info on increases in other Arizona counties Click on the link below. 
We will be providing additional information as soon as the details become available to us.  The next announcements are scheduled for March 4th.
Rates and Programs Subject to Change, Call For Current Rates *
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jeff pickering: Conforming Loans to 95% in declining markets! - 02/18/09 09:56 AM
I am pleased to announce that we have been granted "Proficient Lender Status" with our Mortgage Insurance Company.  This is a great recognition to have as lender to be acknowledged by our MI business partner.  The ability to insure mortgage loans in declining markets is another tool to help you meet your  buyers needs.
 We are now eligible to deliver loans with mortgage insurance ("MI") applications in declining markets for loans with a FICO score of 660 and a loan-to-value ratio between 90.01% - 95% (Excluding the state of Florida).  DU AUS Approved Eligible
Purchase and rate and term refinances transactions single … (0 comments)

jeff pickering: Utilizing the HBM Contact Conversion System for Strategic Business Sources! - 02/16/09 03:08 PM
HBM What's in it for the HR Director/Employer
1. Relocation just became easier: You have the advantage with the Home Buyers Scouting Report®.
a. An employee interviewing with your firm can utilize the HBSR® to learn about the local housing market, search for properties matching their search criteria and receive high quality, timely response to all of their real estate and financing needs.
2. High quality internal marketing opportunity.
a. Your logo and contact information placed on every screen the buyer (employee) views.
3. Employee benefits = commitment and retention:
a. Work with your HBM® Preferred Lender to hold informational buyer … (1 comments)

jeff pickering: HBM letter to Past clients (Example) - 02/16/09 02:42 PM

jeff pickering: Give Prospects Your Undivided Attention - 02/11/09 10:41 AM
Don't Talk, Listen!
I have found that the best conversationalists are the best listeners. The same holds true with salespeople! Review the following tips to see where you might have room for improvement.Maintain eye contact. This does more than show the person you're interested; it helps you to concentrate on what they say. Ask relevant questions. Do you assume you understand, or do you make sure by asking questions that confirm statements? Avoid distractions. Rearrange your seating if the sun is in your eyes. If it's too noisy in a room, do what you can to cut down on distractions. This … (1 comments)

jeff pickering: Using your IRA to Invest in Real Estate - 02/11/09 08:49 AM
Most of us think of an IRA as a place to invest in mutual funds, stocks and bonds.  However, you may have heard that investment real estate may also be purchased in an IRA.  The rumors are true- you can, but with a few complications and drawbacks that are likely the primary reasons this strategy has not gained widespread use.  Nonetheless, IRA real estate investing may prove beneficial to your particular situation, so it's definitely worth a conversation with your financial planner and CPA.
One obstacle is that IRA real estate investing must occur through a self-directed IRA and is generally … (2 comments)

jeff pickering: How do you react when a client goes with another agent? - 12/02/08 01:24 PM
This is how one of my top agent responds when a client chooses to go a different direction! They sent me this letter as a sample of how they handle the situation. After they send this letter they have a follow up system to make the client feel special and continue to take the blame for the mistake, I asked them how many clients come back and they say over 75% return in a few weeks/months. What if all of us responded this way...... how much more business would we have and how many times would our names be passed out?

jeff pickering: How to find more sources of business? - 12/02/08 01:15 AM
In today's market everyone is looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve, one way is the forgotten art of referral relationships! We as professionals need to have established relationships in multiple fields to service our clients every need and be seen as that trusted advisor. Below is a sample letter I use to get coffee appointments with Attorneys in my area
<Attorney info here>
I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce the <team Name>. We specialize in working with other business people to assist each other's business.  Over the last three years we have found the quality of … (1 comments)

jeff pickering: CPA Referral Letter - 12/01/08 09:57 AM
We trust that you had a wonderful holiday season with your family and that your New Year is off to a wonderful start.  Let's hope that 2009 exceeds all our expectations and is even more joyous than 2008. 
It is at this time of the year that you are going to start receiving 1099's and W-2's in the mail, which marks the moment that you can begin to prepare for your tax rectification for the calendar year of 2008.  Over the course of the last twelve months, many of you have expressed unhappiness with your existing accounting situation.  Several of you … (0 comments)

jeff pickering: 3rd Annual Cookies and Milk with Santa! - 12/01/08 06:08 AM
Children can get some one-on-one time with Santa on December 6th from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm at the Phoenix First Assembly 13613 North Cave Creek Road Phoenix, AZ 85022. Santa Claus will be there, along with Mrs Clause to say hello and hand out cookies and milk. Sit on Santa's lap, tell him what you want for Christmas and have your photo taken with Santa. There is no charge for the photos but donations of Ten Dollars are requested for the benefit of Children's Miracle Network( Phoenix Children's Hospital), the alliance of over 170 premier children‘s hospitals that treat millions of … (0 comments)

jeff pickering: Stay in touch this holiday season! - 12/01/08 05:39 AM
Tis the season! I am a huge advocate in using streaming video and now I have the ability to us it in my personal life with everyone in my family. I'm sure everyone has heard of VOIP, well this goes to the next level and add the video to it. All my family is on the east coast and my kids don't see the cousins and aunts and uncles all that often, we send video emails and now the entire family is using video phones (replacing existing landlines) and in most cases saving 10-30 bucks a month. If you want to … (0 comments)

jeff pickering: Happy Thanksgiving from the Pickering Group! - 11/26/08 08:07 AM
Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at the Pickering Group! We know how everyone looks forward to the Holiday Season and spending time with ones families. My family is across the country so it is tough for us to get back east with 4 kids under 4! We keep in touch and we keep our family traditions alive and share with each other with the help of UPS and FED EX! Have a great Thanksgiving!


jeff pickering: Special Alert: Thanksgiving Surprise from the Fed - 11/26/08 07:53 AM
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jeff pickering: Open House HBM follow up letter! - 11/13/08 01:06 AM
HBM letter to clients!
 I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for stopping by at our Open House.  As promised, please find a link below to all of the IndyMac Bank foreclosed homes in AZ.
 Bank Owned Properties
 I've also completed your registration onto the Home Buyer's Scouting Report which gives you access to all MLS Listings in a private, password protected site (which means no Spam or outside party phone calls).  This provides pictures, prices, addresses and directions at your convenience and without the pressure of having to call a real estate agent to find out basic information.  … (0 comments)

jeff pickering: How Does a Wall Street Bail-Out Bill Affect Main Street? - 11/12/08 11:56 AM


jeff pickering: Listen to what your clients say - 11/12/08 11:38 AM


jeff pickering: Arizona FHA loan with 1% down - 10/17/08 11:42 AM
Happy Friday!
   Check out the Homebuyer Solutions program below, this will help fill the void of the Ameridream programs that have recently been eliminated! We are here to help you create more sales oppurtunities for the remainder of this year and into next year. Please give us a call and we will help you get your clients qualified for this program.     
SherryL Pickering
P.S. Remember, friends and clients like you are key to my success. Please don't keep me a secret. Referrals are the lifeblood of my business.

jeff pickering: HALLOWEEN, NOT SO GREAT THIS YEAR!!! - 10/06/08 10:05 AM
This was sent to me today by one of my partners and I just could not resist sharing it with everyone! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Have a Happy Halloween this year with the family!
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jeff pickering: October Newsletter from the Pickering Group - 10/06/08 05:21 AM


jeff pickering: You Magazine from the Pickering Group - 09/09/08 04:45 PM




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