websites: Should I publish my cell phone texting address? What about control, privacy and security? - 04/15/09 01:30 PM
Bloggers, social networkers and web site owners!
There has been a lot of publicity recently on a variety of real estate blogs, discussions and websites about using Outlook to send text messages to someone's cell phone, I also posted on this topic.
However, after serious thought to this issue (sharing my cell texting address with others) I began to have concerns about control, privacy and security.  I sure don't want my cell phone to get clogged with SPAM!
With this texting trend there may be a time in the not to distant future where you and I will be … (3 comments)

websites: Part 6: Is Your Internet Presence All It Should Be? - 08/14/08 07:15 PM
The Top 7 Layout Guidelines for Your Home Page
Header should be less than 15% of the overall page height Studies have been done that show site visitors respond better to pages that have one column best...then two...pages with 3 columns become to difficult for visitors to decide where to look to find what they want...this creates anxiety. The top of you page should have a logo or image that relates to your primary audience. When your visitors first arrive at you site they are asking themselves "where am I?" in other words, what service is being provided.  Convey this in as … (5 comments)

websites: Part 5: Is Your Internet Presence All It Should Be? - 08/06/08 12:57 PM
What are the top 5 links visitors want to see on a real estate agent's site?
To answer that question we have several different types of visitors, a few examples are:
Buyers Sellers Investors People relocating (potential buyers yes...but looking for more in-depth info than a local buyer) Renters Let's look at the first two - Buyers and Sellers - and see what their needs are.
Local Buyers are looking for:
The ability to search for a list of properties that are for sale Property specific info (i.e. Bedroms, SF, price, other amenities) Comparable sales in the area - this helps … (19 comments)

websites: Part 5 of: Is Your Internet Presence All It Should Be? - 08/03/08 04:59 PM
Let's do a quick recap of the previous 4 posts:
Post 1: A Step-by-Step approach to begin developing a complete internet strategy.  There were 4 questions you needed to jot down the answers to.
Post 2: What is your Objective with your site or blog.  Often times we have one because we are told to, but we don't really give much thought about how we can incorporate the internet in a way that will help us with our business.  We also got into anxiety...what it is and how that impacts your visitors experience at your site.
Post 3: We discussed friction - what it is … (4 comments)

websites: Part 4: Is Your Internet Presence All It Should Be? - 07/28/08 06:20 AM
Wow...the response was overwhelming from my last post (a little sarcasm).  I had asked:
Which do you think creates the most friction for a website visitor?  (friction occurs when we ask a site visitor to take some form of
Filling out your name, phone number and email OR Asking someone to pick up the phone and call you OR Click a link to send an email Not one comment.  Hmmm.  As dissappointing as that was (and unusual) I'll post the results anyway. 
Listed in order of "Best Reponse" (least amount of friction) first:
Filling out an online form - now I … (18 comments)

websites: Part 3: Is Your Internet Presence All It Should Be? - 07/18/08 01:01 PM
Last post we talked about visitor anxiety and I mentioned friction...let's briefly cover that now.
Definition of Friction:
the rubbing between two surfaces clash of opinions Thesaurus:
resistance abrasion chafing When talking about websites friction is encountered when a visitor is asked to take some form of action, this could be
Filling out a website form Being asked to "click here" to...(whatever) It could be you are asking them to call you or send you an email to get more information The most friction occurs when we are asked to provide personal information in exchange for something of perceived value.  The … (0 comments)

websites: Part 2 of: Is Your Internet Presence All It Should Be? - 07/16/08 09:52 AM
In the previous post I wanted you to answer 4 key questions to help you determine what you want from your site.  The first question asked was:  What is your objective?  In this post we'll dig into that question a bit deeper to see if I can provide some insight for you.
What is your objective with your website or blog?
To generate leads An information source Communicate with Clients Create a "Sense of Community" - local links Niche Marketing Tool There are several reasons why this is such an important question for you to sets up the "reason",  "measurement" … (3 comments)

websites: Is Your Internet Presence All it Should Be? - 07/09/08 12:33 PM
A Step-by-Step approach to help you begin to develop a complete internet strategy.
I have received comments and questions pertaining to "having a complete internet presence"...what is it, what should it include and how should it work.  First of all not everyone wants or needs the same things from their internet presence...there is not a "one-size-fits-all".  A complete internet presence can be a large undertaking...because of the "possibilities" available this will be a series of be sure to get notified of new comments.
The first place to start is to figure out what you want, need and are willing to invest in … (6 comments)

websites: Is Technology Hindering You or Empowering You? - 03/31/08 12:16 PM
We all tend to have a love hate relationship with technology.  We love it when it works and we don't when it's not.
 Hey, because I know how you feel I've come up with three tips to save yourself from technology:
Take your computer right now and chuck it out the window!Vow never to upgrade your system...keep using Windows 98 Second EditionDon't wait till you get frustrated get help!I hope one of the "life saving" tips is useful for you.  What's my favorite you ask?  Thanks for asking, my favorite is the number three. 
Why?  Because "one can be the loneliest number you'll ever know...and two can … (0 comments)

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