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Spending the day at raincamp learning new technology
Newly married couples often don't know where to start when they're ready to purchase their first hone.  So when a client of mine referred me to a first time buyer, I was eager to start then out in the right foot. The couple knew a lit about what they wanted in a house, but not nearly as much abou...
hello all. It is that time again.. It is Ribfest time.  As a member of the Naperville Exchange I hope you enjoy the festivities this year.  Remember that the proceeds go to many of the most needy organizations in the area.  It is all about the Kids. Have a great time and hope to see you there!
At times I think the politicians of Naperville have forgotten the reasons people move to Naperville.  People move to Naperville because on the quality of life.  As a Realtor I here every day people conplaining about the traffic and congestion on the roads.  Naperville seems addicted to strip mall...
Hello to all.  I have recently updated my website to include restaurant, and nightlife information in the Naperville, Aurora and Plainfield area.  If you get the opportunity to go to my website at and give me some feedback I would appreciate it.  If I have missed one of your fav...
I found a great new tool for real estate agents called AGENT ASSIST 5.0.  This program is a full featured planning tool for agents.  It allows agents to plan for success.  It is great to want to be successful.  However, if you do not have a map to get you there you are spinning your wheels.  It a...
Aurora, in my opinion is one of the highest "value for money" cities in the area.  The homes are beautiful.  The town continues to build services and parks for the community that draws home buyers.  Aurora has faired very well during the mass assault of the media to over-hype the market correctio...
As we continue to get bombarded by the media about how bad the real estate market looks, the fact simply appear.  In the most recent statistics posted by the RWSSC(our regional Realtor board) the housing market in Naperville is alive and well.  If fact the average sale price of detached single fa...
As a real estate professional in Naperville, it is amazing the amount of misinformation that is circulating regarding the state of the industry.  I should not be suprised that the media shapes the "reality" we live within.Let's face it,  Naperville is a great place to live. Whether the market is ...
I have been following the news information for some time on the subject of real estate short sales.  I work in the western suburbs of Chicago.  The media makes it sound like we are at epidemic levels.  Yet when I talk to my attorney friends who do real estate closings they report doing a few here...

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