tangled dreams: Ready to Tango? - 05/29/16 11:51 PM
Tango is well on his way to being ready for the 2016 Show Season!  He's worked hard all winter and early spring and will be heading to the Chattanooga Charity Horse Show in just a few short weeks.
Over the last couple of weeks we've been working on "rating" his speed.  In other words, I've been trying to get him to SLOW DOWN.  The photos in this post were taken about a week ago and right after they were snapped, our ride devolved into a bit of a fight.
We fought over his refusal to WALK.  Yes, sometimes Tango needs to walk calmly … (3 comments)

tangled dreams: Let's Tango Into the New Year - 12/31/15 07:48 AM
Lord, have mercy!  This boy has been some kind of crazy this week.  I think coming off a little break from the Christmas holiday had Mr. Man feeling his oats.
It was back to full work for him on Tuesday.  I arrived at the barn around noon, went by to say "hi" to my boy, he was being a bit jerky so I left him alone.  I decided to hang out on the porch while the barn crew took their lunch break.  
Checking emails, looking at Facebook...sitting on the porch enjoying a break from the incessant rain.  
I hear a bang from Tango's … (8 comments)

tangled dreams: Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a Bear? Nope! It's a HORSE! - 12/18/15 09:48 PM
Winter time brings new challenges for our friend, Tango aka Big Baby!  
A short workout in his winter coat brings buckets of sweat.
With the buckets of sweat comes a little sponge bath.  We can't let that salt dry on his skin as it becomes an irritant.
Fuzzy wet horses take HOURS TO DRY.
So to shorten the drying time I towel dry, brush, towel, brush...over and over again.
Big Baby becomes aggravated by all the waiting he has to do during the drying process.  
He doesn't enjoy having me in his stall with him for extended periods.  Oh, he tolerates it but he would … (8 comments)

tangled dreams: Wordless Wednesday - Tango! - 08/19/15 09:40 AM
Finally got around to completing the edits on Tango's video.  On this day the arena was too wet so we just worked a little in the driveway.  He's a completely different horse when I take him outside so even when the weather is not great, we still try to make a few laps at his "outside speed".  
Tango is the most wonderful and careful partner that I could ever ask for and I feel beyond blessed to be his Mom.  He will be with me for the rest of his life!

tangled dreams: Saddlebred Sunday - Tango on Thursday - 08/09/15 01:27 AM
Although we had a bit of rain on Thursday morning and the arena was a sloppy mess, we still got in a few laps outside in the driveway.  A "normal" horse would have been fine in the arena, even with the mud. 
Not Tango! 
Why?  Too clumsy...he's a "tripper".  Too fast...Tango plus mud is not good, it's too slippery for him to corner quickly.  Too risky...he just got new shoes on Monday and pulling one off in the mud could damage his feet.
So, we settled for a few passes down the driveway.  But only a few because I don't love the gravel for … (15 comments)

tangled dreams: Nearly Wordless Wednesday on Friday - 07/30/15 10:20 PM
Busy day ahead.  Arduous business project underway requiring extreme focus, deadline.
Tango Thursday was wonderful. 

tangled dreams: A Little Play Makes All the Work Worth It - 07/28/15 08:36 AM
Tango tales continue today with what was SUPPOSED to be a training session.  We started working inside but he was being a bit of a slug so we decided to go outside.
The IDEA was that he would go around the arena ON THE TRACK under his own direction, like a good boy.
Tango, of course, had other IDEAS.
Other than constantly running back to Mommy in the middle of the arena and going to check to see if he could go out the gate, he didn't do much of anything "productive".
He did have fun, he was proud of himself and although he didn't … (10 comments)

tangled dreams: Come Along for A Ride With Tango - 07/23/15 09:32 AM
*Everything is still crazy in my real estate world so I decided to focus on this today*
I need a Go Pro!  I can only hold the camera at the walk but I thought you might enjoy a new perspective on the Tango-man
After we finished our workout we were just walking around inside the barn, cooling off and catching our breath so I grabbed the camera and this is what we saw.
I hope to get a Go-Pro that I can use to video my ride at all of the gaits, he does 5.  Walk, trot, canter, slow gait and rack.  I'm sure … (14 comments)

tangled dreams: I'm Just a Silly Girl Who Loves Her Horse - 07/22/15 10:04 PM
Yesterday was a mixed bag.  On one hand, YAY!  MY LISTING WENT PENDING.  On the other hand, it was a tough and confusing day. 
Things happened that I don't understand nor do I know how they will finish playing out today.  Certainly they are not within my control and therefore I will remain a quiet and patient observer.  I will be less cryptic when it is over, there is certainly material there for posting, but the learning is still unfolding.
Today is TANGO DAY!  I will make my trip to the barn to breathe his breath, absorb his strength and steadiness and together … (9 comments)

tangled dreams: Tango Has Been Very Busy - 03/06/15 07:35 AM
Just a quick update on Tango's activities over the last few weeks.  He's been very busy "prepping" for show season.  It's a tough life.  Lots of work, both physical and mental.
We were scheduled to attend a horse show in Perry, Georgia on April 1st through the 4th. 
It was Tango's first time being the disappointed child/partner/friend of a real estate broker with an unresolved and difficult transaction awaiting closing.
Our first show trip was canceled in favor of the closing.
Needless to say, Tango was devastated.  He had worked very hard leading up to this show, he had a fresh "hairdo" and new shoes...he … (15 comments)

tangled dreams: Two Weeks - 02/26/15 09:33 PM
I feel a little shaky, a little on edge, a lot grouchy and a bit sad.
I haven't had that warm and fuzzy feeling for 14 days.
I miss the smell and the sound.
Nothing can make me feel the same.
My cuddly 1200 lb beasty friends are my drug and I need them!
While there has not been any significant winter weather at my house, 50 miles north where the little beasties live there has been ice and snow for the last two weeks.
The weather has kept me away, I have come to truly resent the Georgia DOTs inability … (27 comments)

tangled dreams: Today I'm Playing Catch Up...And Tango - 02/05/15 09:51 PM
Today I'm playing catch up in advance of a busy weekend packed with client appointments. 
Laundry is underway, vacuuming and other household chores are on the schedule, an overdue grocery run is in the making (the dog ate the last of her food this morning)...
I also have to keep up with emails, I'm waiting on an electrical permit to get pulled for an inspection on a HUD home.  I'm in the negotiation period for another buyer and we are anticipating an accepted offer today, so I'll be on the lookout for that as well.
We have a beautiful weekend on … (19 comments)

tangled dreams: "Pony" rides all around - 11/25/14 12:21 PM
This is a busy week with my grandchildren visiting for the holiday.  
Today we went to the barn.  
It was everyone's first opportunity to meet Tango and enjoy some time running around in the sawdust and playing on the tractor.
They also got to chase the chickens and visit with the goats.
My grandson, Jamison (3), met his new girlfriend, Skylar (3), and now they are fast friends.  Hugging and kissing at their parting.
Tango was great with the kids.  No surprise there.  Skylar rides him regularly.
My trainer, James, did the honors of controlling the … (10 comments)

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