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I am thinking about doing a class for my company on Social Networking, because in our office meeting last week my manager asked how many people have Myspace or Facebook pages and I was the only one. I have always thought that the more times my name and contact info is out there the easier it will...
In the current Tucson real estate market there are an abundance of short sales and foreclosures.  The most common reasons that homeowners are going into foreclosure is that they bought the home a few years ago, and then the market went up dramatically, so during that time they refinanced their ho...
One MSNBC reporter stated "You never want to see how sausage is made, and the country saw this week, how sausage is made, with a lot of pork." In order for the house to pass the bailout/rescue package there had to be a lot of pork added to the bill. After attending the Community Roundtable on Fin...

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