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What would you do with $540 million... which also can be taken as $389 million as a lump-sum! Or how about 26 ANNUAL payments of $20 million! How would you spend it? Would it change you? Let Title Junction know!
Do you love to read? I know I do, but to carry around a book, let alone everything else I do, can be quite cumbersome! And on top of that, I think of many other ways to spend my money than on books! So what other option do you have? Easy...go to either or an...
  GETTING OUT OF DEBT Debts are actually bad and can make someone bankrupt. Bankruptcy is a situation whereby one has been declared totally unable to manage his debts and thus can no longer borrow.If for any reason you find yourself in a cocoon of debts, do not give up but instead take a positive...
Will you be buying, upgrading, or really don't care?
With the market making noise, now’s a great time to evaluate and freshen your website. Here are six strategies to hit the ground running in 2012, says Tricia Andreassen, CEO/founder of Pro Step Marketing. 1 Make sure you have a strong MLS search tool on the front page of your site. Having an int...

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