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It’s time to TRICK or TREAT!! Exactly what is that? The only part I have ever noticed is the TREAT. I wonder what kids would do if they got a TRICK instead? Hmmm…. Let’s learn a little bit about this… The meaning ~ the ultimatum given by children who call on houses to solicit gifts at Halloween....
It definitely makes good sense to have a real estate title search done on any property that you are planning to purchase. But what exactly is searched on that property and what can you expect to find in the final report? Why Title Searches Are Performed The main reason for conducting a real estat...
For those negotiating any property transaction, title insurance is a must; it protects buyers from the fall out should property ownership come into question. When this happens, being insured protects buyers from potentially costly consequences, including resolution by the courts. Read on for how ...
A North Sea fisherman has set a world record by scooping up a bottle that has carried a message in the ocean for almost 98 years. The bottle, found east of the Shetland Island off Scotland's northern coast, was among 1,890 released all at one time in a government experiment to map the undercurren...
It’s been EXACTLY 7 years ago today that I open the doors to Title Junction!! I have been truly blessed by each and every one who has helped get me here today! When I opened the doors of Title Junction in October 2005, I did it with the determination to offer my clients the best service and value...
IF YOU DON'T KNOW...YOU NEED TOO!!!  The U6 unemployment rate counts not only people without work seeking full-time employment (the more familiar U-3 rate), but also counts "marginally attached workers and those working part-time for economic reasons." Note that some of these part-time workers c...
October is mostly known for Breast Cancer Awareness. We see PINK everywhere and it’s so important for us, not only as women, but as a society to remember to make sure we do everything we can to remain as healthy as we can! Remember Breast Cancer is NOT gender specific, everyone needs to be infor...

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