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It’s almost Easter…will you be traveling? If so there are so many sites out there that can help you save time and money, and who doesn’t like that!? ~ This site helps you save in three different ways! First, it searches multiple vendors to find the BEST rental option, then it digs ...
When it comes to presenting a home to potential buyers, some sellers can be clueless. Here are the top 10 most common responses from buyer's agetns when asked about the worst mistakes they have seen when showing a home to their clients: 1) Lingering Homeowners - By far the top offense cited! 2) P...
Have you recently decided to buy or sell your home, and are feeling completely overwhelmed by the process? You're certainly not alone. When purchasing or listing a property, parties on both sides of the transaction can quickly feel overwhelmed by the requirements that must be adhered to throughou...
The idea behind One Billion Rising is to fire us all up about the billions of women around the globe who are victims of violence in their lifetime. So far there are tens of thousands of dance parties, rallies and performances that will be staged in more than 170 countries on February 14th! WHY WE...
Did you get to see any of the Superbowl Commercials? Did any stand out? What was your favorite? Did you find any reprehensible? Weigh in here!! Here are just some in case you missed out! JEEP TIDE - Miracle Stain Taco Bell Budweiser OREO Ram - "Farmer" Milk Mustache

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