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MOVIES The Best Zero Dark Thirty Lincoln The Master Amour Argo The Gatekeepers Beasts of the Southern Wild Skyfall The Loneliest Planet How to Survive a Plaque The Worst Hitchcock That’s What She Said Hyde Park on Hudson Butter Trouble with Curve John Carter 2016: Obama’s America House at the End...
MOVIES The Best          ·         Zero Dark Thirty ·         Lincoln ·         The Master ·         Amour ·        ...
MOVIES The Best          ·         Zero Dark Thirty ·         Lincoln ·         The Master ·         Amour ·        ...
If you are a first time home buyer or even if you already own property in Fort Myers, Cape Coral or anywhere else, there are particular aspects of the process that may be rather foreign. Title insurance is one thing that many people do not really understand the importance of unless they need to u...
Eat Healthier Food ~ This first measure looks at local food options. We used the ratio of “slow food” establishments (supermarkets, specialty food markets, and full-service restaurants) divided by “fast food” establishments (convenience stores and fast-food restaurants). Metros with more “slow fo...
1.  “Walkable to. . .”   2.  Feel, floor plan and flow.  3.  Lifestyle upgrades for first-time buyers.  4.  Materials.  5.  Brand names.  6.  Neighborhood names.  7.  “Built-in” or “custom.”   8.  On trend features.   9.  Little kitchen luxuries.   10.  Differentiators from the competition.   Wha...
Just the other day, we received a call from an old client of ours that we did a closing on back in 2010. Her question to us was,      “I have yet to receive the title to my home, and can you send         me it?” Now hearing this, we asked if she had her owner’s policy and deed to her home. Her re...

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