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  A tax lien is a document that has been filed with the county government to let the public know that you have a debt that is unpaid.  This is a lien on your property and if you sell the property the debt you owe the government will be paid first before any other debts are paid.  There are differ...
  More often than not the biggest obstacle that home buyers are going to face isn’t going to be picking an agent to work with or even finding the house, it’s securing the financing needed to buy the house.  The first step in the home buying process should be to get your finances in order to what ...
The biggest reason people start looking at purchasing foreclosed properties is for the potential profit involved.  Some look for foreclosures as a pure investment home and never plan on living in the home while others do it for their next home purchase and just want a good deal.  There are over a...
Whether you’re buying or selling a home, a home warranty can be very handy to have.  Many sellers think there is no reason for them to buy a home warranty on a home they are going to be leaving soon; however, there are advantages to purchasing that home warranty:   1.       For Your Protection – ...
Overpricing a Home Can Be More Damaging Than You Think   When it comes time to put your house on the market, it would be wise to look to a trained real estate professional to help you with things like advertising and more importantly, pricing!  It’s not surprising that the number one reason why h...
Schools Have A Lot Of Influence On The Value Of Real Estate   For potential homebuyers that have children in school, the quality of a school system will no doubt be a big factor in choosing your next home.  While those without children aren’t concerned with the school system in which they choose ...
The best way to be a successful real estate agent is to truly care about your clients.  It is also imperative to form a relationship with them that could last for many years to come.  In order to care about their needs and form a relationship, you first need to know what their needs are. Find Out...

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