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4 Things Your Customers Should Know About Title Insurance At some point as a real estate professional, you’ve likely been asked by sellers or buyers: “What exactly is title insurance?” For some sellers and buyers, title insurance is a new concept and, because it is considerably different in scop...
Being involved in a Fort Myers for sale by owner property can be a nerve-wracking experience.  There are so many things to think of when property transactions take place and without a realtor to help you, you may wonder if you’ve forgotten anything.  Fortunately, you can develop a partner in the...
Financing is probably the most stressful part of purchasing a home. Not only is it the determining factor of if you can even purchase the home at all but financing can be difficult to understand. Fortunately many people have gone through the tragedy of financing and can offer some advice.  When ...
There are many things to consider when buying a “flipped” home. First let’s answer - What is a “Flipped” home?  A flipped home is one that has been purchased, been renovated and/or remodeled, and now listed for sale for a much higher price than what it was purchased for.  In many cases flipped h...
Not again, right? Moving- no one ever looks forward to it. It’s nerve-wracking, time consuming and just plain chaotic. Moving can be an exciting time though; it’s a start to something new, but we just forget that part of it. You may not be able to change how you feel about moving, so here are 10...

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