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Responsibility of a Fort Myers Title Company   Buying and selling real estate certainly isn’t a meek proposal; innumerable factors must be considered, extensive research must be completed, legal and financial matters need to be handled proficiently, as well as infinite paperwork that must be fil...
Owner’s Title insurance protects buyers who risk losing their money and property due to problems with the title of a real estate purchase. An owner’s title insurance policy covers the amount of the real estate sales price, only requires a one-time fee at closing, and stays in effect until the bu...
You maybe asking yourself, what exactly is Title Insurance? And what does it cover?  If you are a first time home buyer, there are specific aspects of the process that may be foreign to you.  Title insurance, is one of those items, that unless you need to use it, you don’t understand the importa...
Looking to sell your home but the buyers are having difficulty obtaining a mortgage. There are options that can be offered by a seller to draw potential buyers. Could seller financing be the enticement you need to get your house sold? What is seller financing? First let’s look at what seller fin...
Certainly paying cash for a real estate transaction can speed up the process and can eliminate a number of closing costs. As a cash buyer you may have some questions about title insurance. Here are a few common questions to put you at ease. What is title insurance? Title insurance protects the p...
  Whack a mole.  For those of you who haven’t been to an arcade in a while, it is a game where critters pop up and the player smacks them only to have another one pop up—the goal is to “whack” as many as you can during a particular period of play, but you can never get them all.  The expression ...

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