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What is Escrow?The term Escrow can be a bit confusing for homebuyers, especially if this is your first time buying a home. When you submit an offer on a home you make an earnest money deposit to be placed in escrow to show the seller that you are committed to purchasing the property. This deposit...
Purchasing a home can be a challenging task, from financing to closing and everything in between. It is important that you have a strong team of experts helping you with the process. Your Fort Myers title company can be your biggest asset during this crazy time making sure to get you to the closi...
Signing the contract on a home sale is a big step for both the seller and buyer, but what happens once that contract is signed? There is a lot that the buyer and seller have to do to prepare for closing but there is also a lot that goes on behind the scenes that many people aren’t aware of. Once ...
This is such great advice that William Piotrowski shared.   7 Ways to Shake Up your Life1. Try saying “yes” instead on “no”.2. Don’t allow your feelings to dictate your behaviour.3. Travel to somewhere you haven’t been before.4. Spend time with people who are different from you.5. Try a new food,...
Closing on a property doesn’t mean closing the relationship you have developed with your clients. An important part of a closing comes after, when you have an opportunity to receive feedback from the client about their experience. Here are some tips for maintaining a relationship after a deal has...
 When it is time to choose a Fort Myers title company many people will use a company that their real estate agent or lender recommends; you don’t have to use that company if you don’t want. You want to choose a title company that is going to work hard to get you to closing and make sure you have ...
Imagine waking up one morning and finding someone else claiming to be the owner of your property. Or maybe it is a construction crew getting ready to bulldoze your entire home. It could even be a notice for past-due property taxes repayable in a few days or else the property will be sold for taxe...
A title search is a very important step in a real estate transaction.  Having a title search completed can show a number of things.  It can reveal things like liens on the property, title defects and restrictions, for example.  Some of the most important things that it can reveal are unsatisfied ...

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