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What Do Title Companies Do For Home BuyersThink about it, you purchase your very first home on a piece of land that you’ve financed for years. Then one day someone knocks on your door and claims that the property you’ve been living on is in fact theirs. The man who sold you the house failed to re...
   When you purchase your home, you will be given a title (deed) to your new property. A deed is a legal document that proves you own the property, and then a policy is issued stating so. Your interest in the property is now protected from title defects that may arise.However, not all titles give...
  Mortgage Insurance and the FHA Loan Mortgage insurance is a fee lenders charge to borrowers when they are putting less than 20 percent down on a home loan. Lenders charge this fee because the less money a borrower puts down, the riskier the loan is and the mortgage insurance helps mitigate that...
  CFPB, TRID and the New 3-Day Rule Without change we cannot truly experience exponential growth. Well, major change is taking place nationally within the procedure of buying and selling a home. The CFPB has now implemented the new TRID rules. This including a new 3 day rule in regards to closing...
  Homeowner’s Insurance, Title Insurance, Mortgage Insurance, oh my!Before buying a home many assume that you need 20% as a down payment to be approved for a mortgage. While having 20% is ideal many homebuyers don’t have that much saved and as a result most lenders will require mortgage insurance...
  I received my check after the sale of my home, but why is it less than I thought it would be?Shortly after listing your home for sale you receive an offer from a potential buyer of $350,000. You accept the offer and sign the contract to get the sale going. But before you are ready to close on t...
You have submitted an offer on your dream home, but how long will it be until you have the keys in your hand? If you are financing your home the closing process may take longer with some of the changes that are coming. Being patient is the key to getting you into your new home. Starting October 3...

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