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During a real estate transaction, we all hope for smooth progression and eventually a graceful end. However, there are cases where the seller’s deal falls through. If this happens, in more cases than not, the seller purchases a different home with the money that they take from the closing. But wh...
Why is it that the worst of disasters almost always takes place at the worst times? No one is ever pleased with unexpected mishaps especially during the holiday season where there is so much to do and so many usually around in such a small amount of time and space. This season Title Junction want...
It seems as though everyone within the real estate industry was just preparing and educating themselves on the upcoming TRID changes. Now far from our initiation date of October 3rd, TRID has been in full effect and Fort Myers Title Company, Title Junction has witnessed it directly by completing ...
Over the course of your real estate transaction you are expected to jump through a few hoops, the motivation being the goal; the goal to reach that closing table. However, even when combing through each detail, there is the possibility of certain occurrences that will delay or possibly even cance...
The newly implemented TRID rules and regulations have permanently changed the Real Estate Industry. As November is upon us, all closing parties should now be seeing the change in documentation and procedures. Through experiences with a variety of clients involved in real estate transactions, Fort...
If you’re anything like the average American, mornings can be extremely hectic. Some of us are rushing to work, dressing our kids, hopping in cars or subways, making calls, squeezing in appointments, and so on. The first hour of our day can set the tone for the next 23. Improving your morning rou...
Within any business or industry there is some sort of human interaction. Where there is human interaction and a successful client base, there is customer service. Title Junction believes strongly in promoting positive messages for our clients so they know that they’re appreciated. This Fort Myers...
In this day in age we hear about all sorts of promotions and catchy phrases such as “go green” in order to promote the idea of a healthier environment. We’ve made huge technological strides in a short time period and through our own amazement we forget that it takes a tremendous toll on our natur...

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