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Choosing the For Sale by Owner route can be rewarding but extremely challenging. Before making this decision, ask yourself a few of these questions so that you are prepared for the process that hopefully leads you to your next real estate transaction. How Will You Market Your Property? Think abou...
Prior to officially purchasing a home, a contract is required in which states that both buyer and seller are in agreement. Though a lot of communication is verbal between these two parties, a verbal contract will not suffice in order to proceed with a real estate transaction. In most cases, the b...
TRID troubles are no secret for those completing most real estate transactions this month. Whether this adversity is temporary or not is completely up to all parties involved in each TRID influenced real estate transaction. In order to persevere through these procedures successfully, it is essent...
No matter the time of year, it is incredibly important to keep your home safe from possible burglar encounters. Without the proper precautions, protection, and education you may be placing not only your investments but your entire family in harm’s way. So what can you do to increase your security...
Maybe you are skipping the home hunt and going straight for land looking in your next real estate transaction. In other words, you’re deciding to build your very own home rather than buying one. But how much will this cost you? This is oftentimes the most common questions to those customizing con...
We’ve all heard rumors whether it’s about the latest celebrity scandal or political policies. What about rumors in the real estate market? Believe it or not they are floating around constantly! Avoid these fallacy mix-ups by staying aware of the facts with Title Junction!1. “You should just price...
Due to the newly implemented TRID changes, the process when purchasing a home has been altered. One of these changes requires the buyer to sign specified documents in regard to their mortgage. So what do you need to know? Where is your signature expected?Mortgage or Deed of TrustBoth of these doc...
For most, it is the most precious and joyous time of the year! People are spending their time gathering with loved ones, holiday shopping, and of course decorating! However, if you still haven't sold your home a little more stress is added to your plate. If this is the case, it may be a good idea...

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