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It seems as if the phrase “location, location, location” is echoed inside every buyers mind when looking at homes because in reality, that is what you’re investing in. But it isn’t always as easy as it sounds to identify both the pros and the cons when it comes to a home you’re interested in. Wha...
As a seller your main goal is to obviously sell. So once that goal is finally achieved and you’ve accepted your buyer’s offer then you may think that your job is done. Wrong! Actually there are still a few things left.For example, the seller must collect what is referred to as earnest money. Earn...
You’ve snuggled up to the films about creaking homes with a mysterious past, but what about when something like that has happened in a home you are looking at? How would you feel about that property? Studies have shown that buyers aren’t likely to pay the asking price for a property that has expe...
Are you ignoring your credit report? Gaining a clear understanding of your credit in combination with how credit actually works can save you a lot of time and effort trying to make up for previous financially based mistakes that could have been avoided.First and foremost, a credit report is calcu...
Yes, in fact there are two different types of title policies; owner’s and lender’s policies.Owner’s PolicyAn owner’s policy protects the policy acquirer for the price of the purchased property if issues surface after you’ve bought your property. This policy ensures your protection through the poi...
One of the biggest investments you’ll likely make is when you decide to purchase a home. Not only does it affect your current financial state, but your finances for years to come. It is critical to protect your investment from any future discrepancies like title defects or liens.  The National As...
Obtaining title insurance in the state of Florida is in your best interest. Title insurance guarantees your ownership rights throughout the entire ownership of your home. Unfortunately, a few homeowners are under the misconception that title insurance is a rip-off because they feel that it is a o...
So it’s your first closing, you’re focused on receiving your keys and finally enjoying the moment of walking into your new home for the first time! It’s exciting and the rewarding experience you’ve been looking forward to. A few weeks go by and you receive word that there was an overlooked proper...

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