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One of the most uplifting components of purchasing property is being able to jingle your new shinning keys. Fort Myers Title Company, Title Junction understands that and loves to see agents present buyers with that moment. However, many buyers seem confused when they walk into a title company and...
So you’ve made the wise decision in hiring a real estate agent for your next property purchase. In most cases realtors make real estate transactions much easier due to their knowledge of the market, the industry and their overall understanding in the real estate industry. However, with so many ad...
When homeowners first make the decision to sell their home they oftentimes dream up ways on how to make their property look the nicest especially in comparison to possible competitors. Sellers may re-apply wallpaper, rearrange furniture, or install new appliances. However, what most buyers and se...
Your credit score is involved in nearly any major purchase that you make – which creates a track record that many people are either very proud of or maybe a little afraid of.  Through the credit score buzz though, what is really true and what is just gossip? #1. “My credit score will take off as ...
If you were to purchase a luxury home and didn’t want anyone to know that your name was directly tied to it, you could purchase it anonymously through a limited liability company. Though many people may be confused by this idea, it is actually practiced by many especially within Miami-Dade County...
As much as we would all like to continue repeating the cliché phrase of “it won’t happen to me”, the daily news stories we hear each and every day are very real. Not to mention, there are plenty of situations and risks that we don’t hear of every day. When working in a field that deals with both ...
There has been an incredible amount of buzz in relation to the new innovative drones. These futuristic looking machines zoom throughout airspace delivering video and/or photographic content to the owner. Though many laws and regulations have banned these flights, there have been many exceptions. ...

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