fortmyerstitlecompany: Why Should You Care About Flood Plains? - 05/26/16 04:07 AM
The area and land surrounding your home is something many homebuyers take into consideration before committing to a piece of property. However, what some home hunters do not take into consideration is the varying outcomes when choosing land.
For example, a flood plain is an area of land that is near a body of water, usually a stream or river that is known to experience flooding during periods of heavy rainfall. If you make the decision to buy a home that is on a flood plain, your lender will most likely require flood insurance because until your home is paid back in … (0 comments)

fortmyerstitlecompany: How Can I Keep Track of the Homes I View? - 05/22/16 10:50 PM
If you’re viewing a bundle of homes in pursuit of finding “the one”, it can be a challenge to keep track of all of the details. Was it the first property that you saw that needed the bath renovations or the second? Did your realtor say that one of the properties would negotiate on hiring painters? Was the granite in the fourth home you saw or the seventh?
You may think it would be easy to recall these things but after a few viewings over the course of multiple days, they seems to fuse together. So what can you do to keep … (0 comments)

fortmyerstitlecompany: Taking a Step towards Real Estate Investments - 05/18/16 12:26 AM
For those already investing within real estate, you probably have a handle on what works for you. After all, these sort of investments take a lot of time and the market can fluctuate. For example, real estate companies like Title Junction weathered the storm when the market first crashed. However, that experience forced them to build the strength, reliability and relationships with their clients in order to stay afloat. Now, when real estate parties are still coming to terms and struggling with the recent TRID changes (TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure), companies like Title Junction are ahead of the game and focused on … (0 comments)

fortmyerstitlecompany: How Is Title Insurance Different? - 05/16/16 12:09 AM
Most of us are accustomed to the ideas behind insurance. Because we aren’t able to see into the future, we never can truly be too careful when it comes to protecting our items that hold great weight and investment in our lives. But how many people really understand the difference between nearly any other insurance policy and an owner’s title insurance policy?
Title companies like Title Junction pride themselves on eliminating risk of threatened ownership and investment in property. Your Fort Myers Title Company is able to do this by diligently gathering, storing and examining previous and current records that pertain to … (1 comments)

fortmyerstitlecompany: CFPB Considers Making TRID Changes - 05/12/16 01:28 AM
TRID has been in full effect as of October 3rd, 2015. Since then and even prior to, there has been a growing speculation of whether or not this update has helped or hurt those within the real estate industry. However recently the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (or the CFPB) has confirmed the criticisms made in regards to TRID or the “Know Before You Owe” rule and intends to investigate on implementing updates to better accommodate real estate professionals. 
TRID has posed challenges for many real estate parties including lenders, mortgage professionals, realtors, and most importantly title companies.
The CFPB Director Richard Cordray … (0 comments)

fortmyerstitlecompany: What Is Respa? - 05/05/16 12:17 AM
Respa, or the Federal Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, requires lenders to release information to potential buyers during the mortgage process. The purpose of doing this is to make sure borrowers are secure and protected from any risks or abuses associated with lending institutions.
 Respa also requires that lenders inform buyers of a variety of items including closing costs, lender services and account practices, and business relationships between closing and/or service providers during the transaction.
Staying aware and educated on your closing costs may help your real estate transaction run with both clarity and efficiency. Think about it, would you ever purchase something … (2 comments)

fortmyerstitlecompany: Title Junction Bloopers - 04/25/16 05:43 AM
Things get pretty busy at our Fort Myers Title Company. Like many other title insurance companies, we are constantly checking in and updating information for all of our clients and associates.
Well, one day in particular we received a call from a lender whom requested to speak with Brooke immediately. This of course would be no problem except…we don’t have a Brooke at our office. Naturally, our front desk administrator apologized for the confusion but could not transfer the call to a Brooke because we have never employed anyone by that name.
The caller then said “No, you have a Brooke. I spoke with … (0 comments)

fortmyerstitlecompany: What is the Difference between Pre-Approval and Pre-Qualification? - 04/25/16 05:40 AM
If you’re looking for a home you’ve probably heard the terms pre-qualified and pre-approval thrown around a few times. But what really is the difference between these two concepts? How important is it that you obtain one or the other from your lender?
So what is pre-qualification?
Pre-qualifying for a loan is a very informal way to calculate how much you may be able to borrow from your lender. Most lenders will allow you to pre-qualify over the phone as long as you provide a few items like your income, your debt, and how large of a down payment you are able … (3 comments)

fortmyerstitlecompany: Help or a Hassle: What Is Your Fort Myers Title Company Giving You? - 04/20/16 04:23 AM
As a buyer, realtor, or a fan of Title Junction, you have probably seen ads that demonstrate the importance of title insurance. With an array of horror stories revolving around fraud, liens, miscommunication, and even lost investments there’s no reason why you shouldn’t look into different title companies within your area when buying a home. However, if you’re already in the final stages prior to your closing ask yourself: 
Have you received a settlement statement?
Were you sent wiring instructions?
Did your Title Company communicate consistently with me?
Did your Title Company communicate with you at all? 
If your Fort Myers Title Company did not provide … (0 comments)

fortmyerstitlecompany: Are You Making Connections with Fort Myers Title Company - 04/20/16 04:01 AM
Like it or not, social media is not going away anytime soon! As real estate professionals, it is our job to not only embrace this fact but utilize it as well!
 Become skilled in developing your online presentation by practicing these Title Junction tips!
            Develop your profile online to the fullest – Sometimes this can be the most tempting item to skip over. You are so excited to begin engaging on the site with prospective clients or coworkers that you figure you can always add photos or information later as long as your name is present. WRONG. … (0 comments)

fortmyerstitlecompany: Why Am I Learning About Escrow at the Closing Table? - 04/07/16 06:48 AM
At Title Junction we do not encourage anything quite like we encourage consistent and concise communication between all parties involved in each individual real estate transaction. It is important to maintain communication not only to reach the desired closing date but to make sure that both buyer and seller are aware of what they are agreeing to.
However, though many are doing their best to provide both buyers and sellers with the best information, they are still reaching the closing table confused when it comes to impound accounts. An impound account, also referred to as an escrow account, is set up by … (2 comments)

fortmyerstitlecompany: What if I Have a Vacation Planned Before My Closing? - 04/07/16 06:33 AM
Just because you’re purchasing a home doesn’t meant that your life comes to a halt until you reach the closing table, right? Of course not! Many buyers and sellers still have to proceed with not only daily tasks but other engagements as well. For example, some have planned family vacations or weddings to attend. On the other hand, some of us may not have had anything planned up to the point of closing until something unexpected pops up. All of these instances are more than okay IF you are keeping your realtor involved.
Your realtor as well as your lender, Title Company, … (1 comments)

fortmyerstitlecompany: I’m Selling My Home and My Deed Holds an Error - 04/01/16 03:00 AM
How many other insurance companies can offer you a one-time fee for a lifetime of protection? This is one of the many major perks when obtaining title insurance. 
For example, let’s say you’ve owned your home for a while now and finally decide it is time to sell it. You find a buyer and their lawyer asks for the deed in order to review the manner in which title was originally received.  Upon this review, the lawyer discovers that the deed states that a previous owner (before yourself) still has rights to the property. This clearly was a mistake! 
Luckily you have title … (0 comments)

fortmyerstitlecompany: How to Prepare Your Kids When Moving - 04/01/16 02:55 AM
Your head may be spinning over the long to-do list you’ve creating when making the transition into a new home. But when you have kids during this major change, it can provide its own challenges aside from packing their things. So what can you do to help make things a little easier for yourself and your family?
Anticipate a Mixed Reaction
Your kids may have grown attached to the place you call home and may have trouble understanding that a new home will be just as great. Younger kids may actually have an easier time accepting the idea of moving because it’s … (0 comments)

fortmyerstitlecompany: Taking Advantage of a Buyer’s Market - 03/25/16 01:50 AM
The road for renters lately has been a grim one. Due to the amount of home sales not reaching a steady increase, there is a greater competition for renting which in turn results in higher rates. But what is keeping these renters from making the commitment to homeownership?
Owning a home actually increases your worth. When you pay your rent each month, you’re paying for the space usually for the upcoming 30 days. When you pay your mortgage, you are making a payment towards the complete ownership and eventual equity. 
Okay so maybe you know the basics and believe in buying a … (1 comments)

fortmyerstitlecompany: Title Junction Talks Non-negotiables for Home Buyers - 03/25/16 01:29 AM
Purchasing a new home comes with its own challenges. It can be difficult to get just the right “deal” you and your family are looking for and if you’re a first-time homebuyer keeping track of your agenda as well as your needs in a future home, it’s easy to get caught up. It may be a good idea to consider and set up an outline of a few “non-negotiable” items to keep both focused and organized.
 Remember, wants and needs are completely different things. It’s common to have high hopes during your home exploration but keep your needs at a reachable level. … (0 comments)

fortmyerstitlecompany: Real Estate Consumer Communication Hacks - 03/17/16 03:47 AM
After working in the real estate industry for a considerable amount of time we may think we know it all but this isn’t necessarily true. Your business is only as strong as your client satisfaction! So what can you do to refresh your consumer communication? 
Client Compassion
As professionals in the real estate field, you may see the same situation a number of times whether it be a bump on the road to closing or an anxious buyer. However, it is important to keep in mind that this may be the very first time that your client has gone through this and … (0 comments)

fortmyerstitlecompany: What Past Homebuyers Want You to Know - 03/03/16 12:19 AM
Those new to the real estate market are prone to many mistakes. Unfortunately, some of these mistakes aren’t realized until after purchasing property. Luckily before making a purchase of our own, we can learn from these common homebuyer regrets!
Mingling with the neighbors – Initially it may not matter to you what your neighbors are up to but if you’re going to be living right next to them it may be wise to think twice. What if your neighbors are in a band that practices most weeknights? Would a high noise level every evening bother you? Getting to know your surrounding neighbors … (0 comments)

fortmyerstitlecompany: Is This Home’s Location Right for Me? - 02/19/16 05:01 AM
It seems as if the phrase “location, location, location” is echoed inside every buyers mind when looking at homes because in reality, that is what you’re investing in. But it isn’t always as easy as it sounds to identify both the pros and the cons when it comes to a home you’re interested in. What if it isn’t until after you’ve purchased a home that you realize a major downfall? Let’s take a look at a few examples.
Is your home next to a highway?
At first, you may see this as a good thing! You are eliminating a lot of traffic … (1 comments)

fortmyerstitlecompany: I Found a Buyer, Now What? - 02/19/16 04:50 AM
As a seller your main goal is to obviously sell. So once that goal is finally achieved and you’ve accepted your buyer’s offer then you may think that your job is done. Wrong! Actually there are still a few things left.
For example, the seller must collect what is referred to as earnest money. Earnest money is really just a way of showing that the buyer has serious intentions while they place 1%-2% of their offer amount down. As the deal proceeds, then that earnest money becomes a piece of the buyer’s down payment. If the deal falls through for a legitimate … (0 comments)

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