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I wrote about home fire safety in a post back in September, but a family trip to a neighborhood fire station reminded me of a specific safety topic that needs emphasis - children. Last weekend, the firefighters of Chicago Fire Department Engine 55 welcomed my family and another (including six chi...
Don’t plan on any peaceful afternoon naps this weekend if you live anywhere near Chicago’s lakefront! High performance civilian and military aircraft will once again fill the skies over Lake Michigan for the nation’s biggest free air show, the 51st annual Chicago Air and Water Show. This year’s s...
It's a down market, and the real estate news grabbing headlines is cautiously optimistic at best. Who are the people who are selling their homes in this climate? Are they underwater on their mortgages? Are they struggling to make ends meet? Are they desparate? I've looked back over the 60+ seller...
If you’ve got a question about the Chicago North Side residential market, be it regarding luxury townhomes, bargain foreclosures, home financing, or any other relevant topic - now is the time to ask. I’ve always had my contact info up on my blog for those who want to reach me, but there’s no long...
A recent article in Forbes, "America's Most Troubled Luxury Neighborhoods," quoted me and implied that prices in Chicago's Lincoln Park were on the verge of collapse. In truth, I couldn't disagree more with this sentiment. While it didn't make Forbes' cut, I have plenty of evidence, both statisti...
While much attention has been paid to the human side of the foreclosure crisis - and justifiably so - pets are being left behind both figuratively and literally. As families have been foreclosed on or have abandoned homes with underwater mortgages, some, for whatever reasons, have chosen to leave...
How time flies! One of my first posts after starting this blog last summer was on Chicago’s annual “Movies in the Parks” program. Now, another summer is here, and that means another season to enjoy great films for free in the friendly setting of Chicago’s public parks. The film reels are already ...
Credit scores (of which FICO scores are a subset) have always been important because banks and financial institutions use them to determine individuals’ credit worthiness. However, with lending institutions raising their standards in light of this past credit crisis, your score is more important ...
Affordable housing has long been the dream of American families and policymakers alike. Now both are seeing their wish fulfilled, though not in the way either envisioned: the housing correction. This drop in home prices will be remembered as a blessing for first-time homebuyers, but this comes as...
The economic downturn has seen many American families relocate after losing their homes amid financial difficulties. Here in Chicago, however, there are those who have left their previous homes under much harsher circumstances - warfare or persecution. While other forms of immigration to the U.S....

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