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Go to Open HousesThe best way to see how your home stacks upagainst other homes on the market is to goto some Open Houses. The housing section of the newspaper tells Open House dates and addresses.You can also go online to local realtorsites and see what Open Houses are scheduled.Make sure you go...
I was contracted to stage a vacant home.  I went to the home to do a walk-thru so I would know what staging props to bring the day of staging.  What I found made me stop and amount of staging is going to fix the problems in this home. The home was listed for $180,000, was in an excell...
Lighting is critcal when you have your home on the market.  Potential home buyers want to see home that looks light and fresh.  A buyer's interest will drop considerably when they walk into a dark or poorly lit room.  A few suggestions... Make sure there are no burned out light bulbs inside or ou...
Kids Toys! Everyone who has kids knows how many toys they can accumulate FAST!  And how many they don't play with anymore.  A home being shown should never have toys on the floors, tables, beds, anywhere! Toys should be hidden neatly in toy chests or baskets.  Not out to take up valuable real est...
Realtors who work with a stager have an automatic advantage.  The Home Stager will work with the client to give them bad news.  The realtor maintains a good working relationship with the seller while the Home Stager is the one who gets to convince the seller to make changes to their home. The rea...
Today is the beginning of new year for America.  Let's join together to turn America around. What can we do?  Where do we start?  What difference can I make? 1.  Get involved.  If there is a cause you are passionate about then take action.  There are a lot of people out there who have the same pa...
Let's work this year on getting America back on it's feet.  BUY AMERICAN!  It's hard to find products made in the USA but they are out there.  Walmart and those types of stores are so big because almost everything they have is made in China or some other country.  They are not supporters of Ameri...
Curb appeal is the first impression a buyer will get of your home.  Do you want that impression to be positive or negative?  When my husband and I were house hunting we would start on the internet.  After finding a dozen or so houses we like we would then do a drive by.  If the outside of the hou...
Any realtor will tell you that kitchens play a huge part in the buyer making a decision about a house.  A kitchen needs to shine! Some tips to make your kitchen show the best it can.. Declutter the fridge!  Remove anything attached to the fridge. Your kids pictures, shopping list, EVERYTHING. Mak...

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