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Do Not's in SEO for 2011 (Search Engine Optimization) 1. Have ANY text the same color as your background page color. Example: (Example) < you can't see it but it is there. this is dumb, useless and hurts your site from ranking. This is one of the oldest black hat techniques from the 90's, YES I S...
Early Bird gets the worm... but the cat that took the time to wait all night gets the bird! - Fat from the worms no less... I'm getting asked a lot about the value of blogging and SEO in general. Most folks on ActiveRain are trying to invest themselves into SEO practices and that's great! It does...
Linking Your Website URL to Your Website Name ..... NO NO I have seen numerous blog signatures, websites and comments and just about everywhere else with a linked domain such as this: http://www.flagstaffealestatepartner.com and it's linked back to the website, instead of the actual keyword Flags...
How to Naturally Add Keywords to your Content Google loves content. They love authoritative content and the more content you give them on your topic of authority, the more your site will gain importance in the search engines and to readers. But when you are writing your articles, posts, or basic ...
I took the quiz, I read the chapters. Least of all I am intrigued. Learning who we are and why we do what we can be an enormous advantage in our business and personal life. The book's demo only went as far to talk about the Wilde beasts but I can relate a little to every animal. (ActiveRain's New...
Santa Fe Homes Experts Offer Arts and Cultural Events In New Mexico Santa Fe is a mecca for booming arts, cultural events and even the film industry. With recent demonstrations in Santa Fe about the New Mexico's film industry, Santa Fe is getting known for much more than a desert oasis. This week...
What is a Press Release? ActiveRain's New Contest Has Some Wondering... I love contests with ActiveRain but this one had me growling under my breath when I heard it. (Extra Extra - AR Contest) I hate Press Releases.. they are the bane of my SEO existence. I love writing blogs, articles, content e...
My Life Feels Like a Cruise Ship Sometimes... and Not in the Good Way... Wow, this hit me like a ton of bricks today.. ok maybe a ton of chocolate covered hearts considering it's Valentine's Day. But I just likened my life of business - and personal I guess, to a cruise ship. Ever been on one? Wh...
I Backed Off on Blogging Because I Had to Catch Up! I didn't realize what a wealth of amazing people I could tap into when I joined ActiveRain just three months ago. I had heard about it from a couple clients but no one had really raved about it... turned out only 3 of my 50some clients actually ...
Crazy as it might sound, what's the best way to clean up a kitchen? Not have so much food lying around! Living in America we are the land of excess, over-eating and over-indulgence. Not adding to it seems almost un-American! But a simple tip to staging a kitchen would be to actually just eat the ...

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