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If Content is King, Why Do We Like Pictures So Much? So I'm going through all these amazing Wordless Wednesday, Tuesday, Heck! Any day of the week photo posts and am astonished to find almost all of them have dozens of comments! It's just a picture for goodness sake!! Yet, we are all drawn to it!...
There is a very sensible, logical reason I don't have 2 million back links..... I don't have one site or one industry I focus on. If I only had one site that I could put all my energy and all my time into, it would probably be killer... but as we say in this marketing business, our sites come las...
Being able to be caught up in the stream of things is gratifying to say the least. I love going through new subscribers, new blogs and ActiveRain features to find new blood, new associates and those that are truly worth their weight in Gold. I have had the privilege to learn of a few of these jus...
Is Monthly SEO Service a Bad Idea? This really should be addressed because it's full of controversy and intrigue... OK, maybe not intrigue but it can be a hot topic of discussion. I have heard it both ways from a variety of SEO companies and individuals that monthly SEO fees are ridiculous and sh...
How Many Keywords Does Google and Search Engines Want? As a business solution provider I deal with a lot of various websites, hosting situations and blogging platforms and typically the first call to action I do is research the best meta data for the agent or client. There is no point showing up ...
Let Me Introduce You To ..... Carrie Trotter - Commercial and Home Inspector in Dayton Ohio Since 2005 Carrie and her husband Tom have been educating buyers and investors about the condition of properties in and around Dayton Ohio. She is fairly new to ActiveRain but has already produced some kil...
Sometimes we just have to let our emotions spill onto the page. When you write for a living you would think eventually you would run out of things to write about. As Americans, statistically we only use about 100 different words a day. Of course we jumble them up into various combinations to get ...
Does the title of your blog really matter? Does your blog title have a catchy phrase or witty saying? Does it only say "Joe's Blog" or maybe your phone number? Unfortunately you may be missing a blatantly obvious SEO tactic right here. First off, do you know WHERE to title your blog? Did you eve...
I would love to introduce you to Djana Morris - Washington DC Realtor and Expert in the DC Area Born and raised in New York City, Djana has now lived in the DC Metro area for the past 20 years. An Expert in the Long and Foster real estate group in Washington DC, Djana is part of the top 5% of Res...
Here it is folks, the long awaited conclusion to Algorithm Foreplay Part 1. (Ok, maybe it wasn't that long or that awaited, but it's still a fun title, don't you think?) As we talked about in the first part of this series, it really pays to show your website cards a little at a time. Keep Google ...

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