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Ok, fellow ActiveRainers..... Here I come with a question for you! I am writing for several clients across the country that are near military bases, Fort Campbell, Fort Rucker,  and Fort Wainwright just to name a few. The dilemma I am having is these clients want to focus on keywords such as "For...
In this market, if you have money, buying a house should be easy.... one would think anyway. I mean if you're credits good, you have money to put down and your jumping on the listing, why in the world shouldn't you be able to buy a house!? This has seem to be the case with a couple of my friends ...
Ardmore Tennessee / Alabama - Right on the Border, So Many Possibilities Ardmore is literally located right on the border of Tennessee and Alabama, Just like Kansas City can be in Kansas or Missouri this much smaller town faces the same dilemma.... OR is it a dilemma? Butler Realty is prominent i...
Syndicating is OK When you Acknowledge You Are Doing So - Posting One Blog Multiple Places I get asked all the time if there is a way to write the article once and have it go everywhere you want it to go - POOF! Unfortunately there is not a magic program for all blogging platforms, sites or conso...
HistoryBeebe Ranch was first planted to orchards on the Columbia River in 1910. In the early days, the only way to reach Beebe Ranch was by boat or ferry from Chelan Falls.  By a special act of congress, the Beebe Family was granted permission to build a bridge over the Columbia River.  The origi...
Located on the east side of Whidbey Island in Island County Washington is the largest town on the island, Oak Harbor. Oak Harbor is home to about 23,000 residents and many beautiful waterfront homes and view homes line the coast of Whidbey Island. The Naval Air Station on Whidbey Island is very c...
My father owned his own aircraft mechanics business for over 45 years in Port Angeles Washington. Although retired now, this past May I got to witness him receive the Charles Taylor Lifetime Achievement Award for Aviation Mechanics on his 70th birthday. It was a proud day for all that attended. I...
I didn't watch Dr. Phil a lot but I do remember him questioning guests on their current method of whatever it is they were doing and I remember him asking, "how's that working for you?" I also heard him say that frustration is expecting something to be or go one way when it doesn't. This spills i...
As most of us already know ActiveRain is based out of Seattle. While Seattle is sometimes off the radar for most of the country, when it comes to computers and the online industry Seattle is certainly "on the map". I also have noticed quite a few real estate professionals on ActiveRain from the S...

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