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ALright, if you have a few spare moments... (And I rarely do) this is something that will take your mind off whatever it is you're doing right now. I LOVE Richard Yates and his gift for FREE (ha ha) videos... Um, I mean, GREAT videos... that take time and thought!! Seriously though, I really don'...
Are You Tagging Yourself or Your Business? If you have a Facebook business page then you probably have a personal profile. Did you know you can use your business page or your personal page for touring around Facebook? If you're going to be doing some business on Facebook, you might want to use yo...
Working with a couple Gallatin County Realtors over the years I have learned that there is tough competition in that area. While it's a two edged sword working real estate YET marketing yourself you can have a team behind you working on your behalf to get the job done. Both of these Montana Realt...
With the inclusion of Google+ and all the PLUS-ING we have been doing is it really making a difference or just altering your search results? A good friend of mine, in the biz made a comment the other day that if you "Google" their major search term they guaranteed they would come up. I did that. ...
  I may be going a little off the scale of what this was suppose to be but these are some great places, businesses and people I want to focus on this week. I love going to Anita's Facebook Friday Posts every week because she is faithfully helping others out.  Here are some of my favorites this w...
I got an email the other day from a pipeline client - you know one of those potential - might-be, could-be type of client? He is debating on a WordPress site. He gave me a few examples of websites that he likes plus those that were so confusing he couldn't understand how anyone could know where t...
 I recently wrote my summery of SEOMoz white board discussion on gaining back links via social media. While I tried to keep the post short, it still seemed a little overwhelming. I offered 5 steps to gaining back links from social sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc... Just like you, I learn all ...
This will get your creative juices flowing..... and if not, maybe you're not striving to be DIFFERENT enough.... We are bombarded with NEW - BETTER - FASTER - IMPROVED - STRONGER - CHEAPER - WHATEVER..... If everyone is this way, no one is standing out. Youngme Moon draws you in with her video pr...
I LOVE to help others succeed. I help them push forward, go into the spot light and excel. And while I am not the typical B-type personality I still love to help those in front shine. I would consider myself an A-type personality where I DO volunteer, get involved and generally consider myself a ...
Contact: Wesley Madden, CEO Madden Real Estate, LLC (907) 452-3000, Wes@WesMadden.com Fairbanks Alaska Real Estate   Wes Madden of Madden real estate, llc Named One of America’s Top 1,000 Real Estate professional Teams BY THE WALL STREET JOURNAL and Real Trends   Madden of Fairbanks, Had an Impr...

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