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You Know You Wanna Look..... Everyone Looks.... You Gotta Look....... Am I really the only one? I know I can't be... don't you do this too? If you don't, then you really are very busy and that's great... but I'm like most hot blooded human beings... I want attention. I like it when I get attentio...
So  I am a Foodie... Yes I am an SEO princess (don't nearly proclaim to be a queen by any means) but I know a few things... but above it all, I am a foodie... I am that loner that watches food network and the new network cooking channel so much my 3 year old goes around the house chanting.. "Cook...
Don't be scared of a NO FOLLOW Tag -Your Voice is Still Being Heard This blog was inspired by the Radio Broadcast of Katerina Gasset today on Bob's AR BlogRadio. She threw in a quick comment on no-follow tags and it prompted me to blog about this. Maybe you've heard of no-follow tags and have dev...
Canonical Linking - Are You Duplicating and Don't Even Know it? Excuse me? What did you say? Cananawha? Canonical Linking has been around for a couple years when Matt Cutts first discussed it. But don't jump all over me just because I am bringing something up that's 2 years old. Just because it's...
  Wow, It's the day for re-blogs for me, which is unusual, but Karen really hit on a good point here.  PLEASE - My Subscribers - read the comments... Debbie and I have a conversation on here that's just as important as this blog. - GO TO HER BLOG FOR THE COMMENTS Having backlinks is vital to your...
  This is not an informative blog.. this is nothing that will make you sit up and go, "Oh I am glad I found this out today" It's just a humerous re-blog PICTURE from Greg Nino that tickled me because of my business... I guess if things got tough I could do that....................   NAAAAAA! Enjo...
Gallatin Gateway Real Estate Land/Lots for Sale. $635,000 - Nancy Oakes   Price: $635,000 Listing #: 166565 Class: Land/Lots Type: Vacant Land/ AcreageStatus: Active Price/Acre: 63500.00 Apx. Acres: 10.00 Address: TBD Big Bear Road City: Gallatin Gateway Area:Boz Area Gal Gtwy 2G State: MT Zip: 5...
Get to Choose What Type of Public Facilities They Want - Tri Cities Real Estate It's not often your city comes to you to ask, "What do YOU want to see in our town?" But the Tri Cities area of Washington offered up the opportunity thanks to the Tri Cities Regional Public Facilities Board. The Boar...
YEAH! So I Got Tagged in the MeMe Thing....... Wait... So What Do I Say? Well this is fun! I have been seeing these MeMe blogs around here lately and wonder if I will get tagged... well yup! I did! Kim McMahon sent me an email letting me know I got tagged. Here's the lowdown in case you don't kno...
Welcome To Your 50,000 Point Milestone - 75 Days into ActiveRain Been waiting all week for this blog. Luckily today's feature bumped me up to where this blog will set me over the edge. As Richard Yates - a new found icon in ActiveRain loves to talk about his point numbers, I feel I want to brag a...

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