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Are you a part of this Shenanegans? If not... head over to Richard Yates Blog and join the goof-ball fun of Photoshop, real life, and picnic tomfoolery!  And if you happen to see my photo somewhere in the comments, don't disregard it altogether... there was no photoshop going on there! :) Happy H...
Candy apples are kind of a lost treat. When and IF I can find them at a fair I have to buy them. They are a rare treat for me. It's not nearly as it's common brother, the caramel apple (which I love too). But I think I love the candy apple because it's so rare. That crunchy, sticky, cinnamony can...
IF you haven't already seen Richard Yates costume contest you have to head over immediately and enter... why? I don't know, cause it's goofy and FUN! and I feel like being fun this weekend. Here's my entry: It was Trunk or Treat at my kid's school last night and so I decided to get into the mix. ...
I am super blessed to live in a pretty good neighborhood. It's not the fanciest but it's not the worse either. I love it! It's an established neighborhood built in the 80s with mature landscaping that's now billowing forth it's beautiful Fall bounty! Our street is quiet yet brimming with kids pla...
This is a brilliant DUH moment. I have resisted putting a QR code on my site forever because... hello... you're already there!  Roger does a brilliant job at stating the obvious here.   I was in KC this weekend and found a QR code ON THE SIDEWALK - literally imprinted into the side walk! What did...
  IDX Search Specific Pages – Homes in Neighborhoods and Specific Styles Why have a website? You have a blog to inform people about who you are, local information and blog reports but why have a website? Most of the time websites are to provide property search features, local listings, and detail...
I've seen a lot of very REAL posts on ActiveRain; not just recently but that spam over the life of AR.  I have seen many posts just in my year here that reflect very personal attributes, experiences and achievements and it keeps me wondering, how far should we go? I always say that blogging opens...
Sometimes we have to go back to the basics to make sure we have those covered. If we focus too much on the technical side of things we may miss the whole point of online marketing. If you're new to blogging SEO may be a foreign abbreviation to you.  SEO - SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION A Search engin...
Buying a Home Right is like Extreme Couponing Not sure if you're into all this extreme couponing business. I've tried it and I guess I am just not that good at it because it seems I have to hang onto the coupon until the right time a certain store has it on sale, then make sure it's a two for one...
Eileen Schreiber  offers homes and real estate listings by School District for Flagstaff Arizona Flagstaff Homes, Condominuiums and Townhomes arranged by Flagstaff Elementary School Districts Please click on the following links to find listings of homes, townhomes and condominiums, arranged by ou...

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