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I love posting foodie blogs when I can and last night I made delicious eggrolls and rangoons. These are super simple to make and everyone at the table gobled them up. It was really simple since you can put just about anything you want in an eggroll. Here is my recipe of what I had on hand: 5 larg...
In the heart of the Tilarosa Basin is a wonder like no other. The White Sands Monument located just west of Alamogordo New Mexico is home to some of the most breathtaking sights in the state. Over 275 square miles of glistening white sands have created the world's largest gypsum dune field. Ever...
What is trust? It is defined as "Reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence; confident expectation of something; hope." In thinking about it, there really isn't a lot of that going around these days. From false identities to unresolved expectatio...
Best Things to Do in Vancouver Washington Vancouver, Washington. Have you ever lived in a city for a long time and frequently found yourself saying, "We should really go to that museum. I can't believe we have lived here this long and never gone." Or perhaps you have gone on vacation and remarked...
There are many reasons Las Cruces, New Mexico is repeatedly named as one of the top retirement communities in the United States. One reason for the high ranks is the great golfing in the area. Las Cruces and golfing go hand in hand! Four courses are available to while away those sunny New Mexico...
Are you getting nickeled and dimed to death?  In this day and age there is nothing as a free lunch... heck a free appetizer is even unheard of... maybe a mint?  "There's nothing free in this world" may be the saying but there is something to say about getting ripped off when you don't have to be....
I have seen the re-blog of Christine Bohn's post on Pinterest several times with many responses from "WOW" to "is that breaking the law?" Pinterest is basically like Facebook with the difference being you only post links. Organize a few "boards" with topics you like, i.e. "favorite recipes", "hom...
Are you a Voyeur? 2012 is the year to stop all that nonsense! I read an article the other day from Richard Weisser about how to get 36,600 points by the end of 2012. He mentioned just remember to "log-in" every day for a free 100pts. And when he put it in that perspective it seems like a great de...
Consider a better investment: Land in Wenatchee Many people feel that investing in stocks is the safer bet but overall statistics show that land steadily increases over time where stocks are always set to jump back and forth. The less risky move would be to invest in land. Wenatchee has many grea...
Davis Bacon is a government instated law that protects workers from receiving unfair wages for government jobs in certain areas of the country. This provides a prevailing wage to workers for their area so they no longer have to be concerned about not getting paid what they are worth for the curr...

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