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  Well, Welcome to Friday Folks and you know what that means? It's another edition of the Business Game!!  You know, that time in the week when we focus on our bright and shining stars on Facebook! I'm your host, Tammy "SEO girl" Emineth and today we have some fine-looking contestants making the...
As many of you know we recently returned from two weeks in Liberia Africa. Set on the southwestern panhandle of Africa and right up against the Atlantic Ocean, Liberia has seen it's share of hardships over the past 20 years. I wrote a blog in the airporton the return trip that emphasized some of...
This month Google released a new algorithm (the way they measure and track websites) that will actually penalize you for over optimizing your website. Google is always looking for the newest and best way to determine accurate search results for it's readers and those that simply optimize without ...
The first time in 11 days I have had internet access enough to write a blog. And now, being 7 hours early for the flight I get to sit and wait and write. I should have been home by now but our flight yesterday was cancelled.  It's been a whirlwind the last week and a half. I left on the 11th of M...
We have heard that all our lives. That saying "Don't judge a book by its cover" which means the outside does not necessarily reflect the inside of [the person, place, whatever]. But when we're talking about blogs or websites or pages, you better make for darn sure that you're title  better be the...
How to use internal linking to boost your SEO By now we all know that linking is highly important to your online exposure. You need those links as "votes" for your site, and if no one else is voting for it (quite yet) you better be doing it. One key way to do this is by internal linking. Internal...

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