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This is a great example of a well-optimized blog. The title is specific enough to capture a lead actually looking for this but not so broad as to be drowned in the sea of other Hollywood Hills blogs and pages out there. Each link leads back to a specific page on his site and it concludes with a g...
How's Your Market doing? Djana Morris is showing us that the Spring Housing market is flush and ready to go IF your sellers are. If sellers are still pricing out of the buyers range, there's no way it's going to sell. We still have to be offering something above our competition in value at BELOW ...
If you don't know Teri, she is a fabulous and wonderful addition to AcitveRain. She has offered her fabulous staging skills and most recently, her knitting skills. While she has moved out of the rainmaker status I would like to focus on one of her more creative talents. And if you haven't guessed...
Century 21 Regency Realty NEW Open Houses CENTURY 21 Regency Realty, Inc. is a member of the Enterprise Board of Realtors, Alabama & National Association of Realtors and the Chamber of Commerce. With over 300 years combined experience and a sales and management staff of approximately 40, CENTURY ...
When it comes to selling your home, there are many things people instinctively know to do like cleaning the bathroom and adding a fresh coat of paint to dated walls. But what about the outside appearance?  Should you spend the time and money to update the landscaping?  If so, what should you do? ...
As several of you already know, I have spoken to many ActiveRain members and offered tips and tidbits on SEO practices and little things that they should be doing to increase traffic to their website. Almost everybody says "I should be paying you for your time" but unless I have 30 people a day c...
So, you've jumped into this blogging thing and maybe even put a couple of good posts out there but no one is commenting and no one is responding. How do you get more readers to view your content and comment on it? More than that, how do you get them to share it to their circle of influence? You d...
This is really valuable information to be aware of and if you don't know it, you may be stuck after July 9th. Malware software will detect this but if you have it now, your internet will be running slow and download speed will be slow but after July 9th you may be in for a bigger surprise. The go...
She is just one little girl. She doesn't deserve it nor does she ask for it. This is my niece. She has Dravet Syndrome (Drah-vey) Her big sister did this awesome video to promote awareness. It's a severe myoclonic epilepsy of infancy. Many children are never diagnosed and die before anyone realiz...
SEO is changing all the time. Trying to keep up with it is a full time job. (I should know) Knowing how to optimize your site and what to do on-site and off-site can be stressful at best. Not knowing why you don't show up can be irritating but being the top position and slipping away or off the g...

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