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WELCOME TO GLADWYNE PENNSYLVANIA - GLADWYNE LANDSCAPING Home to about 4,000 residents, Gladwyne is a suburban community locating in Montgomery County along Philadelphia's Main Line district. Originally known as Merion Square, in 1891 Gladwyne was given its name to  distinguish itself from all the...
I have a lot of people that ask me if ActiveRain is a good investment. Should I spend the money or should I just go with a free blogging platform? It all depends on where you're starting from. If you are brand-new to the blogging world, have a brand-new website, or just don't know where to start,...
Just under the contest wire and only because I was urged to enter. This contest about what I can't live without wasn't going to be my top priority until I was convinced by Fred Carver that I must enter it since it was a no-brainer what I can't live without. I thought, but I don't have some big fa...
For another fun round of   Get out your clicker finger because here comes another episode of this week's FACEBOOK FRIDAY! Bill's Paintball and Laser Tag (Wha? I thought this was real estate, Martha)-  That's ok, cause everyone needs a perk once in a while... We seriously need some likes on this p...
I read a blurb the other day that kind of hit me. "There's no point in putting a review of your services on your site since you're never going to post a bad review". Makes perfect sense to me. Why would you ever put a negative comment or review on your site? Google reviews can accept unbiased typ...
Did this slip by you? It did to me! Where was I? Under a rock somewhere? Maybe just working....  ;-) But I actually noticed the NEW QUESTIONS link on my Home Page. It said 8 new questions with NO Answers!! Ugh.. that is itching at me and I want to respond. Hey you real estate agents.. Get on it a...
Can a personal photo make more people interact with you? When commenting, clicking on or in general, doing business with, doesn't it help to have a face to go with the name or business? Maybe it's just me. But I like knowing whom I am dealing with before I actually do business. Is that to say I w...
13 years ago today I said "I do" and I meant it. Does that mean that every day will be like the first day?  Does it mean that I'll always feel like this? Does it mean the sun will always be shining? No, but it means I will stick it out when I don't feel like this, when the sun isn't shining, when...
A Facebook "Share" or Facebook "Icon" - What's More Important? You've seen both, right? Those social media icons that take you to the website's page, Twitter feed or any other type of social media platform the author may have out there but what about the "share" buttons? Those are different in th...
Scared to buy a Ruidoso Foreclosure? Are you hesitant on starting the foreclosure buying process? If you have never bought a home before a foreclosure may not be the best option for you.... then again it may be perfect for you. You need to know your options and programs that are currently availab...

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