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Here's Rene's rendition of our fabulous meet up!! I think the group photo must have caught me off guard. I look a little flustered but with my tall hubby behind we all make a great team!! THanks for invite and I am so glad Maureen joined us! I can't wait to connect with her next year in Hawaii!Me...
Why make my own when Charles did such a fabulous job! This meet up was so much fun and for my first one back in the Seattle area I must say that it was a treat having half the table be actual ActiveRain staff! Food was yummy, company super fun and we all had a blast connecting. Blog on Seattlites...
Where is Richmond Hill Georgia Richmond Hill is a city in Bryan County, Georgia southwest of Savannah, Georgia.  It is about a 30-minute commute from Richmond Hill to Savannah.  There are a number of planned developments east and outside of the city of Richmond Hill. The entire South Bryan area d...
Are you getting emotional with your readers? Blogging and articles are getting harder and harder to evoke emotions out of people but that’s exactly what we need to accomplish if we are going to get the results we want from our readers. Because Google is looking for more and more ways that people ...
  Culinary Events Happening August 24 - 26 Food Lover Events in Portland Oregon Are you a foodie? This weekend, August 24 through August 26, are some of the best Epicurean events and festivals going on around the Portland area. Portland is alive with a variety of fantastic restaurants and world-c...
It's Blueberry Time! I love this time of year again when the blueberry bushes are bursting forth with indigo goodness. I love spending the morning picking berries with the family and although it's about 90 (hello, didn't I just LEAVE this weather?) we are having a great time and are picking fast ...
Considering purchasing or selling an Eastern Oregon ranch? Maybe you have a ranch in the Oregon area that you need to sell; whatever your need the real estate brokerage of Ranch'n'Home is your source for finding the best ranches that meet your criteria and your budget or selling the ranch for to...
Since the algorithm updates this year, Google is looking for and tracking user's experience on websites. While SEO in general will probably always be around to some extent, we are need to focus more and more on our user's and readers rather than just for search engines. Now, I don't have to tell ...
While this is still confusing for some, there is a big difference. Whether you are using ActiveRain, Wordpress or Blogger, this still becomes a factor and a great way to organize your blogs - not just for readers but the search engines as well. Great job, Nancy!Using Categories and Tags Effective...
YA YA YA - It's Friday - Weekend in sight, party at 5, and before you start your day take a look at today's Facebook Friday Pics for the Business Game!     Say a hardy hello to Rich Galster! He knows commercial - real estate that is - and know it in Minot. Where? Minot South Dakota of course! Com...

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