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Remember that great post that Michael George did a while back about getting your face to show in the search engines results page from your Google + Profile? He did a great job and I think we all jumped on that band wagon. I helped a lot of folks set that up but if you are still having problems, l...
Crescent Hill Homes for Sale Living in the Louisville Metro area has definite advantages for smart home buyers. If you have been looking for a place to call home near Louisville, Crescent Hill can offer you a choice location and an exceptional value.  Where is Crescent Hill? Crescent Hill is loc...
... You get shot back into reality. I write for a living... literally. (pun intended) and don't think I'm that bad. I'm not a Ph.D. though nor have I ever completed a doctorate, not that I have even tried. But I do know that the majority of readers and those online find that the 8th grade reading...
These are great tips to Facebook and social media in general do's and don'ts. So many people think that they can separate the two and while for the most part that may be true... unless you have the security up tight on your accounts, people can find out. It's best to be professional wherever you ...
The Anchorage Property Seller - Gary Cox offers great deals every season - This year, it's a chance to win a trip to Mexico if you are an Alaskan Resident and register anywhere on his website! Not only that, he has a great pricing promise! Our Pricing Promise "We would rather sell twice as many,a...
When you started out as an agent you probably got one of those cookie-cutter template real estate websites from one of the big guys out there just to get by, right? And now it’s been a few years and you probably haven’t touched that site. You’ve been considering a WordPress site, but think that’s...
Five Tips for Taking Good NotesOne of the most frequent lies that students tell themselves in classes is that they don’t need to take notes. They think they’ll be able to remember the important information or be able to find it again in the textbook. Some students reach college and know they need...
Do you know about the group? There's a group for Google+ (Plus) and Google+1 which is basically Google's "like" button. I started this group back when Google only had the +1 feature but since then it's morphed into the whole Google Plus Profile, tips, tricks, places and ways to get seen. If you h...
If you have a WordPress site (and many do or are considering moving that way) and you pay a host meaning you don't have the free site - www.mywebsite.wordpress.com, then you know about all the different plug-ins you can have, right? Plug-ins are essentially like apps. They are add-on's that allow...
Types of back links to avoid If you know a little bit about SEO you know that back links are one of the major components to getting your site noticed and ranked. But are there negative back links that could be harming your site rather than benefiting it? With Google’s Penguin and Panda update thi...

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