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Leveraging Drop Box There are a bunch of cool things that you can do with DropBox and I wanted to share a few of them. Dropbox Print to your printer. So when would you do this… You are showing a client a listing on your iPad/pc/phone; you can drag and drop that page into a DropBox folder and it w...
I love the Southern BC area and it's right out my back door! Lynn does a beautiful job at telling us about her lovely area! Thanks Lynn! Step Outdoors and Discover Newcastle Island, Nanaimo B.C. Now that spring is bursting on the scene, Nanaimo is bursting forth in a flood of colours. That is the...
Affordable Homes for Sale in Prospect KY Prospect Kentucky is located about 15 miles or 20 minutes northeast of downtown Louisville. It’s home to over 4600 residents and is considered the ninth wealthiest place to live in Kentucky. But this is only been in the last several decades, since before t...
"The content we write for you is not professional nor grammatically correct so we don't let you see where we've placed your link" Are you kidding me?! I literately heard this from a potential client this week that had gone with another SEO company. They repeatedly informed the client that they ha...
California Mortgage Broker and Home Loan Expert Let me introduce you to Maya Swamy.  Over the last couple of months I’ve been doing a little bit of SEO work for her in helping her expose her business throughout the California counties even more so than before. What I’ve come to learn about Maya i...
How easy is SEO? Sometimes you just have to fine tune it…   We do a variety of different services and tasks for people depending on what they need. One project doesn’t always fit every customer. Sometimes it just takes a little fine tuning to get were you need to be. I think of it as a radio stat...

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