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I write for a lot of real estate companies and brokerages and those agencies and individuals are always looking to market the high-priced properties. Of course, why wouldn’t we? The commission on a $300,000 house is much higher than a $50,000 house but then, people still are buying $50,000 houses...
Hot Pockets Hot Pockets! You just read that in the "jingle voice" from the commercial, didn't you? Or better yet, in Jim Gaffigan's rendition of the Hot Pocket jingle! Too funny. Honestly, I must admit it's Jim Gaffigan that put hot pockets on my mind today. However, if you're reading this, and a...
Really interesting post I'm not sure too many people are talking about?  With so many homes now being leased and rented out it helps to know your options and what you're really willing to pay for. Triple Net, Modified Gross, Full Service - Commercial Leases Revealed   In addition to representing ...
Several years ago Tim and I put our home on the market while we saw the home prices were stable but they were gradually decreasing if not dramatically. We had our home on the market for two years and dropped our price $100,000 and still didn’t get any offers. Every single agent said our home was ...
When writing a blog are you including photos, videos, and infographics? How about charts and graphs? Market reports and media other than text? Did you know that Google and search engines CAN'T READ IT? Thats because search engines and computer can only see text. They can't SEE the image or video ...

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