blog posts: Do I Really Have to Write 2000 Words? - 10/05/18 08:47 AM
You may have heard a few blog posts or articles talking about how many words you really need for a blog post. Well, while you are free to write just about anything online you want and make it however long you want, if you really want it to stand out and stick around, the longer the better.
"But who has time to read that much? I certainly don't - don't people get bored and move on?"
Yes. But the longer the post is, the better it's laid out, and the more exhaustive in its information and authority, the more Google will find value … (40 comments)

blog posts: The Difference Between Keywords, TAGS, and Categories - 11/18/11 02:58 AM
The Difference Between Keywords, TAGS, and Categories This is probably one of the biggest questions I get. These three types of SEO terms can get confusing and many don't know the difference much less the point of them.
KEYWORDS - A keyword is what you want a page or post known for. This is the word or phrase you research on the Google keyword tool AND the search bar to determine what people are actually looking for and how high is your competition. (See - how to optimize a post for more on that). Once you have 1-3 keywords or phrases … (147 comments)

blog posts: Read Your Blogs Out Loud. I Can't Understand What You Are Saying - 04/04/11 02:39 AM
Are you reading your own blog?
There are folks on ActiveRain that pump out 5-10 blogs a day! I seriously don't know how they have time to do that AND practice real estate, but nevertheless, I still see it. I actually had to un-subscribe (AHHHH GOD FORBID!) someone because all I saw was page after page of their blogs that didn't pertain to me at all. Maybe if you get 5 listings at once and you put them all up on AR on Monday, then ok, that's fine... but those that shovel out blog after blog and I'm not even sure they know … (39 comments)

blog posts: Algorithm Foreplay (Part 2) - 03/15/11 02:09 AM
Here it is folks, the long awaited conclusion to Algorithm Foreplay Part 1. (Ok, maybe it wasn't that long or that awaited, but it's still a fun title, don't you think?)
As we talked about in the first part of this series, it really pays to show your website cards a little at a time. Keep Google coming back again and again to your site, your blog, your profile or whatever to find something new each time.  Make sure you send out something new and fresh every once in a while - Google loves it!
In this part I'm going to … (51 comments)

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