blogging: Do We Even Need to Bother with Tags Anymore? - 04/22/19 08:11 AM
Are tags obsolete? Do they actually do anything SEO-wise? What's the point and do  I have to keep putting them in for every post? 
Well, let's break down what I mean by tag in this scenario then we'll approach that. Tags are now one of the most controversial aspects of on-page SEO. But what is a tag? 
Tags are different ways to clarify and classify a webpage. It's an HTML tag containing information search engines use to identify a specific webpage that usually contains keywords or phrases. Sounds important right? Well, the term tag is all-inclusive; it can mean several things so let's … (4 comments)

blogging: Do I Really Have to Write 2000 Words? - 10/05/18 08:47 AM
You may have heard a few blog posts or articles talking about how many words you really need for a blog post. Well, while you are free to write just about anything online you want and make it however long you want, if you really want it to stand out and stick around, the longer the better.
"But who has time to read that much? I certainly don't - don't people get bored and move on?"
Yes. But the longer the post is, the better it's laid out, and the more exhaustive in its information and authority, the more Google will find value … (40 comments)

blogging: How to Rank with an Sub-Domain Blog (Sub-Domain vs. Sub-Folders) - 09/18/18 03:26 PM
This may be Greek to you but I wanted to discuss sub-domains and sub-folders (sub-directories) and the differences between them.
A sub-domain is a completely separate domain (URL) sort of riding on the back of the main site like this: 
A sub-folder is another platform that has been installed in the file system (FTP) of the website and may look like this: (or anything else after that slash that's NOT actually on the website) The slash indicates a folder or file that has been installed on the website itself, where the . (dot) indicates a completely different website.
Why would there be … (9 comments)

blogging: What Do Yoda and Real Estate Agents Have in Common? - 11/18/17 11:34 AM
You know Yoda, that wise old Jedi who trained Luke to use the force? I don't think anyone here doesn't know who I'm referring to when I say Yoda, Jedi, or Luke. We almost all know the story of Star Wars. And we probably all know what the story is generally about, right? Well, let me ask you this... Is the story about Yoda? Or Luke? Or maybe even Darth Vader? Chances are you didn't say Yoda. Because Yoda is the guide we all need in our lives. He is the one that comes alongside, helping guide the main character throughout … (6 comments)

blogging: Google Wants Content, But People Get Bored... - 10/18/17 01:27 PM
You're online, you're writing, but are you getting anything in return? We've all heard content is King so why are people not responding to the gazillion blog posts I'm putting out there? 
Google is the King and we all want to play in the kingdom so we kind of have to follow their rules. We need to write for both search engines and the actual people that read our stuff. Unless you don't care about that. If you're just trying to fill your site with words, then go for it; grammar, spelling, and comprehension mean nothing, but just understand Google will know that … (51 comments)

blogging: The Best Way to Syndicate Blog Posts & WHY - 06/05/17 09:06 AM
To Syndicate: repeat or make available on other mediums or sources.
Syndicated Content: Share or repeat summaries or full renditions of previously published articles or post.
I'm not talking about the syndicated reruns of Gilligan's Island, but your own content shared elsewhere from where it was originally posted. 
First, we should do it, then we shouldn't; what about duplicate content, blah blah blah
We've talked about this a lot but now, Google almost expects it. If a blog post or article is noteworthy, some big name blog or website will pick it up and run with it. And that's what you want, as long as they are … (67 comments)

blogging: Too Busy to Blog? - 04/26/17 11:47 AM
And busy is good, right? Well, maybe not. Tim, my husband, who also works with me, tells me I gotta be on ActiveRain every week (you can see how that worked out from my last blog how long ago?). Ugh... the commitment to keeping up with it! I know you know what I mean. I blog for everyone else, I don't have time to blog for me. But I really have to find that time and so do you.
Blogging is not about putting fluff on a page for the sake of words. It's telling someone something they may not already know for … (15 comments)

blogging: I Don't Think About SEO .... - 01/11/17 07:51 AM
I saw a question this morning about your favorite SEO tip. Many people said they don't even think about it. I found that interesting and it prompted this post. 
I actually get it! You think about real estate (or mortgage or home inspections or whatever you do). You don't DO SEO. You DO your job. SEO is literally a completely different job. 
In case I'm speaking a foreign language here, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It's basically making your website or blog favorable in the eyes of search engines (like Google) and readers alike in order to be found and ranked. 
Unless you have … (47 comments)

blogging: Tune Up Your Website Over the Holidays with Updated Info - 12/14/16 10:07 AM
I'm going to assume that most of you are not the busiest during the holidays? Then again, maybe you are since there are more people that have time off and feel they have the time to look at homes etc... but if you're like most agents and loan officers, this is probably your slowest month, or into January. But now is a great time to update your website.
If you blog on your website or have static pages (pages that never revolve like a blog post) it might be a great time to go through those and make sure they are updated. 
If … (25 comments)

blogging: MY FIRST FEATURE! - 6 Years Ago Today! - 11/14/16 11:16 PM
Wow, how things have dramatically changed! I joined ActiveRain November 7, 2010. We had just moved to Missouri to work with a church ministry for 2 years and I needed to supplement the income. Little did I know what that would have turned into!
This was my actual Facebook post from that day that I ran across in the memories today:
"I GOT FEATURED!! 8 Days into Blogging on ActiveRain - THE biggest real estate blog out there! (this is huge by the way and I am super pumped... can you tell?)"
Some of you that have been playing in the rain here for … (13 comments)

blogging: Expanding Your Online Presence for More Business - 08/23/16 07:30 AM
It's getting harder and harder to rise above the competition but it can be done. It takes time and commitment. It's consistency. It's being in front of your audience all the time, never letting more than a few days go by without them knowing who you are, what you do and where you do it.
Now, this is only for those that are really trying to make it online. My good friend has been a real estate agent for 25 years and just recently put up a website, but only for contact because she does no online marketing. All her business … (59 comments)

blogging: Low Quality vs. High Quality Content - Smart Blogging - 06/01/16 08:27 AM
Google is BIG on high quality content.. I mean really big on it. Which is good. So many SEO companies use outsourced Internet marketers in India and other overseas countries as their main content source, so all the content is spun (same information, worded a little differently), has poor grammar and multiple misspellings. This is low quality content and no one wants to read it. If the same image, same content and same information is across numerous websites, Google will track it down and shoot it; (organically speaking). 
To really get that high quality content that Google is looking for you either have to pay … (37 comments)

blogging: Gaining Backlinks and Properly Sharing Your Posts and Website - 05/23/16 07:26 AM
Links, links and more links; that's what Google wants, right? And the more it finds your link out there the better... but that may not necessarily be true. Google is always on the hunt for unnatural back links; those that don't really make sense within an article or those that are just repeated over and over on every page with an unnatural keyword anchor text.
What do I mean by that? Let's say you are an real estate agent in Palm Desert... if all Google finds for your links is that exact phrase linked to your website over and over, it … (33 comments)

blogging: Is Your Blog a Virtual Mess? - 12/17/15 01:35 AM
Have you ever been into a hoarders house? Maybe in your inspections or listings you may have come across a hoarders house. There's stuff everywhere and none of it is organized. A little of this, a little of that and trash that no longer has any use to it at all. Pots and pans are not in the kitchen, food is everywhere, clothes scattered, etc.. nothing is where it should be.
Is your blog like this? 
You have a recipe over there, a buyers tip blog over here and a couple listings here or there. Maybe a rant, rave or complaint thrown in. … (32 comments)

blogging: Good Grief This Takes Time - SEO Marketing Done Right - 07/30/15 02:57 AM

A couple reciprocal links, maybe a few blog followers and some intentional page titles and boom! You're on the first page of Google... yeah, like 10 years ago. Today it's harder than ever. If you didn't start 10 years ago you have a lot of catching up to do, but it's not impossible. Simple maintenance is easy when you get the ball rolling. A blog or two a week, market reports and social media postings every so often keeps the balls in the air and the leads coming in at a steady pace but thats only if you've done the legwork … (34 comments)

blogging: How to Dominate Search Results for a Community - 05/25/15 03:55 AM
How to Dominate for a Community with Real Estate Blogging
Zillow, Trulia, Realtor OH MY! How can the podunk little real estate agent compete on the search engines? They dominate all the major broad keywords and unless you've had a domain for 20+ years, have 18,000 high quality back links or a killer website, you're just not going to show up. Blogging for a week or two or even a couple months is just not going to get you there. So what's an agent to do?
There is a way to compete but it does take time. Nothing is going to rank immediately … (48 comments)

blogging: How to Create Viral, Shareable Content for Great SEO - 08/08/14 12:41 AM
The two most important SEO factors today are quality content and it's value to others. If other people find it valuable, they will share, talk about and respond to that content. That's GREAT SEO. But, how do you create content that someone will want to talk about?
That's the toughest job of all. You don't have to be a great writer or composer but you do have to come up with striking material that will catch someone's attention and cause them to click on, browse, talk about and share. 
Real estate can be so difficult because it's often times a one-time thing. … (111 comments)

blogging: Google's the Teacher - What Kind of Grade Are You Getting? - 11/20/13 12:39 AM
Google originally didn't know it all - They learned along with the rest of us. But they are still the teacher giving us the grade on whether or not we got our SEO stuff together. As they got smarter, we had to adapt and get wiser and more creative on getting that good grade. The list of pluses and minuses have also increased. Ten years ago the list was just 10 simple things, easy to do and not a lot of competition. Today, that list has hundreds of pieces and what we're doing AND NOT doing will make our grade go … (82 comments)

blogging: Regurgitating Old Content or Creating New Information? - 09/23/13 07:16 AM
Blogging takes a lot of time and effort but you don't want to offer information that no one wants to read. Nor do you want to regurgitate the same thing that everyone else has said. But remember, people may be looking to you for the information rather than going elsewhere or simply Googling it. What you have to do is offer and present information in a new and exciting way so that old readers and new readers alike will find it and gain knowledge from it.
So what if 8 people have already wrote a blog about an event in … (29 comments)

blogging: Advertorials vs Editorials - Whats the Difference, Which is Better SEO - 09/19/13 06:17 AM
Advertorials vs. Editorials - What's the Difference? Which is Better SEO? There have been talks and rumors circling the interwebs about the benefits or harm that comes from advertorials and editorials and what the difference is.
Basically an Advertorial is a PAID advertisement in the form of a news brief or content information. An Editorial is a NON-PAID News article that is relevant and informative without being spammy or otherwise pushing a particular brand or company. For instance, this blog, right here, is an editorial. No one paid me to write this; I’m writing it out of my own free will … (22 comments)

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