content writing: You Wouldn't WANT to See Where We Place Your Link - 03/21/13 07:30 AM
"The content we write for you is not professional nor grammatically correct so we don't let you see where we've placed your link"
Are you kidding me?! I literately heard this from a potential client this week that had gone with another SEO company. They repeatedly informed the client that they have been placing link building articles off-site but won't tell him where or give him the link to the page. When asked why, they replied that the content is not grammatically correct and not good content; it's just to add a link out there.
Okay, Stop right there.
Why … (23 comments)

content writing: How to Write for Alaska When I'm in Missouri - 06/25/12 03:02 AM
Conducting SEO from So Far Away I write a lot of localized content for a lot of different websites all over the US and several people ask me how can I write about a place if either I have never been there or don't live there. While I can't run down to the local market, coffee shop, or the newest restaurant in town and take pictures and interviews, I can get a pretty good sense of the area via variety of different online methods.
Before I begin to write about an area I want to engulf myself within that area and … (7 comments)

content writing: 5 Ways to Get More People to Read Your Blog - 04/24/12 02:14 AM
So, you've jumped into this blogging thing and maybe even put a couple of good posts out there but no one is commenting and no one is responding. How do you get more readers to view your content and comment on it? More than that, how do you get them to share it to their circle of influence?
You don't have to be a professional writer to get people to read your blog but it does help to do some practical logistics in the layout and the way you present it.¬†Here are five tips to get more people to read your … (61 comments)

content writing: Are you So Busy You Don't Have Time to Advertise Anymore? - 07/06/11 08:32 AM
Are you So Busy You Don't Have Time to Advertise Anymore? I talked with a wonderful agent from ActiveRain today and she shared with me that she was now so busy she had neglected her continued marketing, even blogging. I can certainly see the dilemma. When you blog and market and advertise yourself so well there may [and usually does] come a time where you will get too busy to continue with the same marketing that got you the business in the first place!
So what do you do? It's ok to take a break - FOR A WHILE I … (19 comments)

content writing: What is Considered a High Quality Website or Content? - 05/09/11 08:46 AM
We hear all the time about quality content over quantity. Write something someone will actually read rather than just real estate fodder or the same article but with the title changed for different demo-graphics and communities or towns.
But how do you know if what you are writing is quality?
Here is a check list to help identify some things to keep in mind when compiling high quality content for your site or your blog.
Does your site have multiple pages all saying about the same thing? Is there redundant, duplicate or similar articles overlapping each other? It may be difficult … (17 comments)

content writing: Is Your Web Host Piggybacking on Your Site? - 04/15/11 09:28 AM
Is Your Web host Piggybacking on Your Site?
Lenn had a great post about domain names today and in it she mentioned that some website hosting and design companies create back links at the bottom of your website linking back to their company site. While this is type of practice is the norm some go a little above and beyond reasonable practices. As I found yesterday one site even converted their clients pages back to their own personal domain although all the pages appeared as if they were his own.
Unfortunately SEO companies and online marketers prey on people's lack of … (21 comments)

content writing: Is Monthly SEO Service a Bad Idea? - 03/28/11 08:17 AM
Is Monthly SEO Service a Bad Idea?
This really should be addressed because it's full of controversy and intrigue... OK, maybe not intrigue but it can be a hot topic of discussion. I have heard it both ways from a variety of SEO companies and individuals that monthly SEO fees are ridiculous and should be avoided at all costs. I am not here to give you the right answer either way but will give you some tips to keep in mind when researching monthly SEO services.
1.) It all depends on what that monthly SEO service does for you! If you … (15 comments)

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