internal links: Do We Even Need to Bother with Tags Anymore? - 04/22/19 08:11 AM
Are tags obsolete? Do they actually do anything SEO-wise? What's the point and do  I have to keep putting them in for every post? 
Well, let's break down what I mean by tag in this scenario then we'll approach that. Tags are now one of the most controversial aspects of on-page SEO. But what is a tag? 
Tags are different ways to clarify and classify a webpage. It's an HTML tag containing information search engines use to identify a specific webpage that usually contains keywords or phrases. Sounds important right? Well, the term tag is all-inclusive; it can mean several things so let's … (4 comments)

internal links: How to Use Internal Linking to Boost Your SEO - 02/29/12 09:03 PM
How to use internal linking to boost your SEO
By now we all know that linking is highly important to your online exposure. You need those links as "votes" for your site, and if no one else is voting for it (quite yet) you better be doing it. One key way to do this is by internal linking.
Internal linking is linking to other pages, posts and information within your own site. One page of the site, links to another page of the same site.
Why is this important?
Not only are you telling readers, "Hey, check out this related post or page over here" … (94 comments)

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