marketing: Custom Search Links to Keep People On Your Site - 08/06/19 11:40 AM
Keep People On Your Site!
That's one of the biggest issues with websites... how to keep people on the site. It's not just one page either. We want people clicking around all the time! But if we don't give our readers anything to click on then they certainly won't go searching themselves. We have to make it very obvious and clear that we want to send them down a rabbit hole of great information and that can be hard to do on a real estate site unless they're looking at listings... and that's exactly what we want them to do. The reason … (14 comments)

marketing: Content Migration? You Don't Have Time for That - 07/26/19 07:27 AM
Our line of work is always morphing and changing and while we don't do it all (and that's okay) we can do a lot of tasks... of which most agents just don't have time for. Whether it's building a website from scratch, writing custom, optimized content, social media management or link integration, just like you, we stay up on the newest trends and SEO tips. But what about basic content migration?
In case you don't know, content migration is exactly that, migrating content from one website (platform) to another. This is the tedious work that most agents and brokers just don't have … (4 comments)

marketing: SEO, SEM, CRO - OH MY! What is it? (And Does it Matter Anymore?) - 03/19/19 01:02 PM
Search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), conversion rate optimization (CRO)… Aren't these all essentially the same thing?
Well, not exactly. When the term is search engine optimization first came out that's exactly what we were doing, optimizing for search engines. There was a lot of black hat techniques 10 to 15 years ago and it was easy to game the system. This means that as long as you put enough effort, time, and usually, money into the game, you would end up on the first page. But of course, Google goes after those black hat optimizers and they are always looking … (33 comments)

marketing: A HodgePodge Business or Laser Focused? - 03/10/19 03:26 PM
A local distillery is going out of business in our town. We only have two and one is calling it quits. Tim and I tried to go many times only to have it close at 4 PM, not open certain days, or a shot in the dark if anyone was there. When I saw a CLOSING SOON sign, I wondered what was up because they haven't been there long! We finally got a chance to stop in and I realized the situation very quickly. 
I know, what do distilleries and real estate have to do with each other.. wait a minute, I don't … (18 comments)

marketing: Are You Remarkable? If Not, No One is Going to Care - 01/16/19 09:00 AM
"Worth of Attention - Striking" - Does that define you and your business? If not, no one is going to share, talk about, or refer you. 
Our society runs on social currency these days. We want to brag on social media, one-up our friends and acquaintances and have the inside scoop on something before anyone else. It's just the way we're wired. An experiment discovered that if you ask two groups of people if they prefer a job that made them $100,000 vs. $50,000 they obviously would take the $100,000 job. But then subjects were told that in the higher paying job everyone … (31 comments)

marketing: Too Busy to Blog? - 04/26/17 11:47 AM
And busy is good, right? Well, maybe not. Tim, my husband, who also works with me, tells me I gotta be on ActiveRain every week (you can see how that worked out from my last blog how long ago?). Ugh... the commitment to keeping up with it! I know you know what I mean. I blog for everyone else, I don't have time to blog for me. But I really have to find that time and so do you.
Blogging is not about putting fluff on a page for the sake of words. It's telling someone something they may not already know for … (15 comments)

marketing: Ramp Up Your Online Exposure for 2017 - 01/02/17 02:56 PM
I started writing for a brokerage company that just writes TO other brokers. They want to draw in other brokers in their area and offer a different approach to their real estate business. I've been writing on business coaching, branding yourself, the use of technology and if you're just working for someone else or really growing your business. 
I love it because it gets me thinking about my own clients and how they really want to grow their business in 2017. As many of you know, I was a real estate agent for several years and it just wasn't my bag, but … (43 comments)

marketing: MY FIRST FEATURE! - 6 Years Ago Today! - 11/14/16 11:16 PM
Wow, how things have dramatically changed! I joined ActiveRain November 7, 2010. We had just moved to Missouri to work with a church ministry for 2 years and I needed to supplement the income. Little did I know what that would have turned into!
This was my actual Facebook post from that day that I ran across in the memories today:
"I GOT FEATURED!! 8 Days into Blogging on ActiveRain - THE biggest real estate blog out there! (this is huge by the way and I am super pumped... can you tell?)"
Some of you that have been playing in the rain here for … (13 comments)

marketing: Is Your Website Prepared for Your Business? - 10/15/16 01:03 AM
As the Pacific Northwest prepares for what they say is the biggest storm in 10 years I got to thinking about online preparation as well. I'm sure most of our friends on the East Coast did the same thing about a week ago and prepared their homes and their families as best they could for hurricane Matthew. Preparation is essential for maintaining what you have and keeping you feeling satisfied should something happen.
Is your website prepared for your business?
I actually found a website yesterday that still has Lorem Ipsum on it and it had a copyright date from 2013! 3 years … (37 comments)

marketing: Scream Out Loud Marketing - A Post By Tim Emineth - 09/07/16 07:16 AM
Well, school started and as all parents give a sigh of relief I am left wondering if I should join them or think of this time differently.  As a guy that works from home with his wife the first thing that I think of is: “Yeah! Nooners are back baby!”, and then I thought, what better way to celebrate your child’s new scholastic year than to do the things that got you that child in the first place.
Now is the time that you can scream in ecstasy and you don’t have to worry about who is going to hear you or … (59 comments)

marketing: Do I Know What You Do in 5 Seconds? - 05/09/16 06:19 AM
Take your laptop or tablet to a friend who has never seen your website before. Open your laptop to your website or pull it up on your tablet. In 5 seconds close it or pull it away. Can your friend or trusted client tell you exactly what you do? If not, your website is not doing what it should be doing.
Look at your website. Does it answer the basic question that your client wants to know? 
Do you sell real estate or do you sell yourself?
Does my website and/or my services solve my clients problem? 
What is my client's problem?
If you're not sure of the … (11 comments)

marketing: Good Grief This Takes Time - SEO Marketing Done Right - 07/30/15 02:57 AM

A couple reciprocal links, maybe a few blog followers and some intentional page titles and boom! You're on the first page of Google... yeah, like 10 years ago. Today it's harder than ever. If you didn't start 10 years ago you have a lot of catching up to do, but it's not impossible. Simple maintenance is easy when you get the ball rolling. A blog or two a week, market reports and social media postings every so often keeps the balls in the air and the leads coming in at a steady pace but thats only if you've done the legwork … (34 comments)

marketing: The Basics of Today's SEO - What You Should be Doing - 08/15/13 05:42 AM
SEO changes all the time and Google is constantly making updates and new strategies on how they rank sites. The last big shift was towards branding and Google has been promoting those websites that have significant branding which is why sites like Trulia and Zillow (which as a name have nothing to do with real estate) are dominating the top of the search engines. So how can we compete as individual real estate agents in our area?
Today’s basics of SEO come down to informative and unique content and then sharing that content. Simply writing or regurgitating a news article or … (56 comments)

marketing: What is This SEO Thing and Should I Care? - 05/13/13 08:25 AM
SEO stands for search engine optimization and it’s the process of optimizing a website or webpage for search engines to find and categorize that content. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is also a popular term. While that’s the short idea behind as SEO the expanded version could go on for pages and pages because there are literally hundreds of nuances, techniques, tricks, and maneuvers marketers, writers, webmasters, and bloggers can do to make their site, their blog post, and their webpage show up on search engines for the topic they’re trying to cover.
If you’re new to blogging or SEO or perhaps … (31 comments)

marketing: SEO Dollars Spend Differently Than Real Estate Marketing Dollars - 07/05/12 02:54 AM
I decided to join this contest because.... well, I love a challenge, I love the points and heck, it's a chance for and extra $500 and who would turn that down!?
But my marketing dollars are spent differently than real estate marketing in that we haven't spent more than $50 on marketing since we opened our business in 2005 and that was for business cards and a domain. Since then, we have trademarked our name "Personal SEO" but I don't consider that an advertising expense. I joined ActiveRain to benefit our clients and give them more exposure with back links and … (9 comments)

marketing: One of the Nicest Compliments I Have Received! - 05/24/12 05:43 AM
I read a blurb the other day that kind of hit me. "There's no point in putting a review of your services on your site since you're never going to post a bad review".
Makes perfect sense to me. Why would you ever put a negative comment or review on your site? Google reviews can accept unbiased types of reviews but we will never put a bad comment, testimonial, or review on our website; that's just the truth of it.
But I did get a really good comment today that just made me smile and made my day. We're setting up … (12 comments)

marketing: "Just think about it deeply, then forget it … then an idea will jump up in your face" - 02/08/12 03:41 AM
This is starting a new series based on the inspirational quotes from Mad Men. If you don't know, Mad Men is a show about advertising agencies in the 1960's. Because I am into marketing (websites) the show appeals to me and I perk up when I hear how they are marketing a certain product. Granted, advertising has come a long way since then but the idea remains the same that people want a product they think they must have at a price they can't resist.
This first blog in the series focuses on the quote by Don Draper - head marketing genius … (11 comments)

marketing: Here's a Real Estate Gift People will be Talking About.... - 01/23/12 12:32 PM
Sweet Paisley Cookies Think about these for your next open house, brokers open or just to pass out to buyers as you tour houses with them. It will certainly get their attention and they are more apt to remember you... the agent with the custom cookies!
My friend in Seattle creates custom cookies. She's amazing and can do almost any design. Check out for details, designs, and prices.

marketing: I am ALL about Saving Money! - Stop Wasting Yours.... - 12/28/11 12:37 AM
Stop spending money you don't use! I got into this business not to take people's money but to tell them how to spend it wisely. I see too many people that randomly spend money (they probably don't have) on crap they don't need. I'm not just talking about material things, although that's probably true for all of us, but of actual services and devices we think will increase our business.
I talked to someone the other day that said they are spending $330 a month on market leader for leads THAT THEY NEVER FOLLOW UP ON. That's a waste of money. … (93 comments)

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