online marketing: If Your Site Doesn't Have an SSL Cert. You're Behind - 05/08/18 04:03 PM
SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer). That's the httpS at the beginning of your website domain address. They've been around for a couple years now but they are getting more and more important and if you don't have one, you're already behind the times. 
I haven't blogged in a while but the ideas keep building up. I need to share this information because we are seeing more and more sites buying SSL certificates and attaching them to their site. This is imperative and inevitable. So much so, many people may not even click on your site if it's not secure. You might be losing a … (36 comments)

online marketing: What to Use Instead of "Contact Me" - 01/02/18 09:26 AM
It's overplayed... and I'll admit I've used it about 8 zillion times but it doesn't have the same pop like it use to... Did it ever? I'm not sure. But I do know that we gloss over those words at the end of an article but man, when we need that "Contact" button, we certainly go hunting for it, don't we?
But, isn't the idea of every article, post, or social media promotion to get a client to contact me? So how do we invoke the idea of communication instead of just the tired and old, contact me? I've been doing a … (63 comments)

online marketing: What Do Yoda and Real Estate Agents Have in Common? - 11/18/17 11:34 AM
You know Yoda, that wise old Jedi who trained Luke to use the force? I don't think anyone here doesn't know who I'm referring to when I say Yoda, Jedi, or Luke. We almost all know the story of Star Wars. And we probably all know what the story is generally about, right? Well, let me ask you this... Is the story about Yoda? Or Luke? Or maybe even Darth Vader? Chances are you didn't say Yoda. Because Yoda is the guide we all need in our lives. He is the one that comes alongside, helping guide the main character throughout … (5 comments)

online marketing: Google Wants Content, But People Get Bored... - 10/18/17 01:27 PM
You're online, you're writing, but are you getting anything in return? We've all heard content is King so why are people not responding to the gazillion blog posts I'm putting out there? 
Google is the King and we all want to play in the kingdom so we kind of have to follow their rules. We need to write for both search engines and the actual people that read our stuff. Unless you don't care about that. If you're just trying to fill your site with words, then go for it; grammar, spelling, and comprehension mean nothing, but just understand Google will know that … (51 comments)

online marketing: You Are Being Stalked and you may not even know it. - 08/27/17 02:51 PM
You Have a Million Dollars. You want to invest that million. Who do you trust?
Well, I don't have a million dollars but what money I do have I want to put into the hands of a trustworthy investor. I have been with Edward Jones for several things in the past, 501 for college, IRA, etc... but I didn't have a local agent so I went to work researching. 
Maybe it's just because I build websites for a living and focus on lead capture, but man was I picky.  I stalked this guy! I first looked up Edward Jones people in the area. … (4 comments)

online marketing: I Don't Think About SEO .... - 01/11/17 07:51 AM
I saw a question this morning about your favorite SEO tip. Many people said they don't even think about it. I found that interesting and it prompted this post. 
I actually get it! You think about real estate (or mortgage or home inspections or whatever you do). You don't DO SEO. You DO your job. SEO is literally a completely different job. 
In case I'm speaking a foreign language here, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It's basically making your website or blog favorable in the eyes of search engines (like Google) and readers alike in order to be found and ranked. 
Unless you have … (47 comments)

online marketing: Ramp Up Your Online Exposure for 2017 - 01/02/17 02:56 PM
I started writing for a brokerage company that just writes TO other brokers. They want to draw in other brokers in their area and offer a different approach to their real estate business. I've been writing on business coaching, branding yourself, the use of technology and if you're just working for someone else or really growing your business. 
I love it because it gets me thinking about my own clients and how they really want to grow their business in 2017. As many of you know, I was a real estate agent for several years and it just wasn't my bag, but … (43 comments)

online marketing: Scream Out Loud Marketing - A Post By Tim Emineth - 09/07/16 07:16 AM
Well, school started and as all parents give a sigh of relief I am left wondering if I should join them or think of this time differently.  As a guy that works from home with his wife the first thing that I think of is: “Yeah! Nooners are back baby!”, and then I thought, what better way to celebrate your child’s new scholastic year than to do the things that got you that child in the first place.
Now is the time that you can scream in ecstasy and you don’t have to worry about who is going to hear you or … (59 comments)

online marketing: Expanding Your Online Presence for More Business - 08/23/16 07:30 AM
It's getting harder and harder to rise above the competition but it can be done. It takes time and commitment. It's consistency. It's being in front of your audience all the time, never letting more than a few days go by without them knowing who you are, what you do and where you do it.
Now, this is only for those that are really trying to make it online. My good friend has been a real estate agent for 25 years and just recently put up a website, but only for contact because she does no online marketing. All her business … (59 comments)

online marketing: Do I Know What You Do in 5 Seconds? - 05/09/16 06:19 AM
Take your laptop or tablet to a friend who has never seen your website before. Open your laptop to your website or pull it up on your tablet. In 5 seconds close it or pull it away. Can your friend or trusted client tell you exactly what you do? If not, your website is not doing what it should be doing.
Look at your website. Does it answer the basic question that your client wants to know? 
Do you sell real estate or do you sell yourself?
Does my website and/or my services solve my clients problem? 
What is my client's problem?
If you're not sure of the … (11 comments)

online marketing: News Articles and Market Reports - Duplicates and SEO No No's - 09/02/14 06:14 AM
Do you post news articles on your blog from major news sources and site the source? Do you do it more than you write original content? How about market reports? Do you copy and paste the same template and then change just the community, town and prices?
Bad. Now, it's ok to once in a while repost some great content if you feel it helps your readers and as long as you link back to the source of the article but if you do that more than you write your own original content you are diluting your site.
The more content you swipe … (54 comments)

online marketing: How to Create Viral, Shareable Content for Great SEO - 08/08/14 12:41 AM
The two most important SEO factors today are quality content and it's value to others. If other people find it valuable, they will share, talk about and respond to that content. That's GREAT SEO. But, how do you create content that someone will want to talk about?
That's the toughest job of all. You don't have to be a great writer or composer but you do have to come up with striking material that will catch someone's attention and cause them to click on, browse, talk about and share. 
Real estate can be so difficult because it's often times a one-time thing. … (111 comments)

online marketing: Seriously People.. Who Takes Your Photos?? - 07/15/14 03:39 AM
I market for a lot of real estate agents and I market their photos too so I see a lot of different styles and types of photos but if you are selling the property, to me, the photo needs to be amazing! It's the first impression of the home that most home buyers will see and if the photo doesn't evoke excitement, there is no way they are going to want to see more.
Now, I know that professional photos do cost money but in many cases are well worth it especially on homes that are over the median price for … (81 comments)

online marketing: The Basics of Online SEO Backlinks for Real Estate - 06/19/14 06:14 AM
As an Ambassador I get asked about SEO a lot and that's great; it's what I'm here for. But I feel that I have talked about everything under the sun and that there is really nothing new in the SEO world other than Google getting more and more picky and strict as to what they require for decent ranking. Because we manage several dozen real estate websites we can see what does work and what doesn't and how to give our clients that little extra boost they may need to really stand out among their competition online. Like we have said … (49 comments)

online marketing: How Active Do I Have to Be to Increase My Rank and Traffic? - 02/19/14 07:20 AM
Are you wondering how active you need to be on social media, blogging and on your website to get some actual leads and rankings? Yeah, you and everyone else. But the difference is the time you may be willing to spend verses your competition. For every major city, you know there is always someone with a full time staff and thousands of dollars being spent on website marketing and social media so how are you suppose to compete if you're a one-man (woman) show?
It can be very frustrating when you think you're doing everything right only to have your site … (71 comments)

online marketing: Google's the Teacher - What Kind of Grade Are You Getting? - 11/20/13 12:39 AM
Google originally didn't know it all - They learned along with the rest of us. But they are still the teacher giving us the grade on whether or not we got our SEO stuff together. As they got smarter, we had to adapt and get wiser and more creative on getting that good grade. The list of pluses and minuses have also increased. Ten years ago the list was just 10 simple things, easy to do and not a lot of competition. Today, that list has hundreds of pieces and what we're doing AND NOT doing will make our grade go … (82 comments)

online marketing: What is This SEO Thing and Should I Care? - 05/13/13 08:25 AM
SEO stands for search engine optimization and it’s the process of optimizing a website or webpage for search engines to find and categorize that content. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is also a popular term. While that’s the short idea behind as SEO the expanded version could go on for pages and pages because there are literally hundreds of nuances, techniques, tricks, and maneuvers marketers, writers, webmasters, and bloggers can do to make their site, their blog post, and their webpage show up on search engines for the topic they’re trying to cover.
If you’re new to blogging or SEO or perhaps … (31 comments)

online marketing: How to Gain More Traffic to Your Site - 06/17/12 09:51 PM
Get Your Site Ranked Here's one of those blogs that tell you exactly how to market yourself online and get more traffic. Does it take time? You bet. Is it worth it? YES   Once you have your site optimized and where it should be- These are the steps you should be doing in order to increase traffic to your perfectly optimized website.   Make sure every single post you create links back to your website or put it on your website first and syndicated on ActiveRain with a link back to where you originally posted. Broadcast that post, or article … (61 comments)

online marketing: Well, I Wouldn't Have a Job, Hence No Food, Therefore, Can't Live Without - 05/25/12 02:15 AM
Just under the contest wire and only because I was urged to enter.
This contest about what I can't live without wasn't going to be my top priority until I was convinced by Fred Carver that I must enter it since it was a no-brainer what I can't live without.
I thought, but I don't have some big fabulous reason, I just can't live without the Internet. 
He says, That's EXACTLY why you should enter.
OK, so there it is.. I would literally be WITHOUT A JOB if it wasn't for the Internet. I was never into the era but … (8 comments)

online marketing: One of the Nicest Compliments I Have Received! - 05/24/12 05:43 AM
I read a blurb the other day that kind of hit me. "There's no point in putting a review of your services on your site since you're never going to post a bad review".
Makes perfect sense to me. Why would you ever put a negative comment or review on your site? Google reviews can accept unbiased types of reviews but we will never put a bad comment, testimonial, or review on our website; that's just the truth of it.
But I did get a really good comment today that just made me smile and made my day. We're setting up … (12 comments)

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