optimization: Winter is a Great Time for a Facelift - Winter Checklist - 11/27/18 10:55 AM
In most markets around the country, things slow down this time of year (okay, I know not in Florida, but you're the exception). And now is a great time to revamp or refresh your website and get it ready for the spring season, which is right around the corner. By starting now, you can hone and perfect your site, ready for the masses come March.
Here's a great checklist of some things to check up on and refresh before spring.
Go through your major pages (those accessible from the menu and homepage) and double check they all look consistent, are grammatically correct, and … (9 comments)

optimization: How to Optimize for Voice Search - 09/12/18 02:34 PM
"Okay, Google" - "Alexa" - These are two new entities in a lot of homes now. We tell them to add things to a shopping list, tell us a joke, or like me, get quick facts when homeschooling. But voice search is the newest thing and even if we've spent years perfecting our SEO on paper, it's all going to voice now. I ask Siri to give me directions or tell me where the closest gas station is,  ask Cortana about the best sushi in the area or Google how to get to downtown Seattle.
So how on earth are we … (35 comments)

optimization: What's New in SEO for 2013? - 01/15/13 10:58 PM
Gearing Up and Planning for a Great 2013 in the Blogging World without Being Confused We all know that SEO is constantly changing and just when you think you’ve got it down, Google and the other big guys change something up to completely throw you off your game.  Let’s get a jump on 2013 by going over some of the top changes and things that stay the same when blogging and optimizing your website.
Keep Content Readable: This goes beyond the general quality over quantity idea. You have to make sure your content is not only quality but readable as well. … (38 comments)

optimization: The Difference Between On-Site and Off-Site SEO - 06/11/12 01:59 AM
What’s the difference between the two? SEO is a science and learning that science takes constant and consistent research and change. Because nothing is guaranteed in the search engine world and Google is constantly changing and upgrading their algorithm, doing one SEO tactic is not enough to get you ranked and for people to find you. It’s a combination of 100 small details and techniques all working together to create a well optimized website.
This is also a combination of on-site and off-site SEO. On-site SEO – On-site SEO means optimizing the website as is. This is a combination of researching … (12 comments)

optimization: Spammy and Paid For - Why All Links ARE NOT Created Equal - 05/08/12 06:11 AM
And here we go again, with another Google Algorithm update.
First it was Panda, and now it's Penguin... (Next it will be giraffe or some other zoo exhibit) but nevertheless about the name, Google is once again cracking down on those sites with spammy and worthless back links.
While most of us probably won't have to worry too much, other may see a drop in your rankings and if so, you may need to do some quick maintenance and find out why. IF you have ever bought links or used a link farm that spreads your site to numerous other sites … (52 comments)

optimization: Google's New Algorithm is Penalizing Over-Optimized Websites - 03/26/12 10:37 PM
This month Google released a new algorithm (the way they measure and track websites) that will actually penalize you for over optimizing your website. Google is always looking for the newest and best way to determine accurate search results for it's readers and those that simply optimize without actually providing relevant and fresh content may find themselves scrambling back to the top.
What they are trying to achieve is a level playing ground for those that optimize and those that just put out great content. Matt Cutts says,  "“And the idea is basically to try and level the playing ground a little bit, … (81 comments)

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