real estate marketing: Ramp Up Your Online Exposure for 2017 - 01/02/17 02:56 PM
I started writing for a brokerage company that just writes TO other brokers. They want to draw in other brokers in their area and offer a different approach to their real estate business. I've been writing on business coaching, branding yourself, the use of technology and if you're just working for someone else or really growing your business. 
I love it because it gets me thinking about my own clients and how they really want to grow their business in 2017. As many of you know, I was a real estate agent for several years and it just wasn't my bag, but … (43 comments)

real estate marketing: MY FIRST FEATURE! - 6 Years Ago Today! - 11/14/16 11:16 PM
Wow, how things have dramatically changed! I joined ActiveRain November 7, 2010. We had just moved to Missouri to work with a church ministry for 2 years and I needed to supplement the income. Little did I know what that would have turned into!
This was my actual Facebook post from that day that I ran across in the memories today:
"I GOT FEATURED!! 8 Days into Blogging on ActiveRain - THE biggest real estate blog out there! (this is huge by the way and I am super pumped... can you tell?)"
Some of you that have been playing in the rain here for … (13 comments)

real estate marketing: Scream Out Loud Marketing - A Post By Tim Emineth - 09/07/16 07:16 AM
Well, school started and as all parents give a sigh of relief I am left wondering if I should join them or think of this time differently.  As a guy that works from home with his wife the first thing that I think of is: “Yeah! Nooners are back baby!”, and then I thought, what better way to celebrate your child’s new scholastic year than to do the things that got you that child in the first place.
Now is the time that you can scream in ecstasy and you don’t have to worry about who is going to hear you or … (59 comments)

real estate marketing: Good Grief This Takes Time - SEO Marketing Done Right - 07/30/15 02:57 AM

A couple reciprocal links, maybe a few blog followers and some intentional page titles and boom! You're on the first page of Google... yeah, like 10 years ago. Today it's harder than ever. If you didn't start 10 years ago you have a lot of catching up to do, but it's not impossible. Simple maintenance is easy when you get the ball rolling. A blog or two a week, market reports and social media postings every so often keeps the balls in the air and the leads coming in at a steady pace but thats only if you've done the legwork … (34 comments)

real estate marketing: How to Create Viral, Shareable Content for Great SEO - 08/08/14 12:41 AM
The two most important SEO factors today are quality content and it's value to others. If other people find it valuable, they will share, talk about and respond to that content. That's GREAT SEO. But, how do you create content that someone will want to talk about?
That's the toughest job of all. You don't have to be a great writer or composer but you do have to come up with striking material that will catch someone's attention and cause them to click on, browse, talk about and share. 
Real estate can be so difficult because it's often times a one-time thing. … (111 comments)

real estate marketing: Seriously People.. Who Takes Your Photos?? - 07/15/14 03:39 AM
I market for a lot of real estate agents and I market their photos too so I see a lot of different styles and types of photos but if you are selling the property, to me, the photo needs to be amazing! It's the first impression of the home that most home buyers will see and if the photo doesn't evoke excitement, there is no way they are going to want to see more.
Now, I know that professional photos do cost money but in many cases are well worth it especially on homes that are over the median price for … (81 comments)

real estate marketing: How Active Do I Have to Be to Increase My Rank and Traffic? - 02/19/14 07:20 AM
Are you wondering how active you need to be on social media, blogging and on your website to get some actual leads and rankings? Yeah, you and everyone else. But the difference is the time you may be willing to spend verses your competition. For every major city, you know there is always someone with a full time staff and thousands of dollars being spent on website marketing and social media so how are you suppose to compete if you're a one-man (woman) show?
It can be very frustrating when you think you're doing everything right only to have your site … (71 comments)

real estate marketing: Sensei/Grasshopper Challenge for a Mountain MoonDancer - 04/25/12 01:31 AM
As several of you already know, I have spoken to many ActiveRain members and offered tips and tidbits on SEO practices and little things that they should be doing to increase traffic to their website. Almost everybody says "I should be paying you for your time" but unless I have 30 people a day calling me and taking up an hour each (wait that's not logically possible) I don't mind chatting with people on a few ways they can increase their traffic and their ranking on search engines. So when the Sensei/Grasshopper challenge came along I thought this would be a … (15 comments)

real estate marketing: Is It Ok to Write About Other Things? - 02/20/12 05:03 AM
If you have just started to blog or not too sure how to go about it, you may have been wondering if it's ok to blog about other things - Meaning ideas and topics outside the main reason you started to blog in the first place.
If you started a blog about real estate and you're an agent, naturally most of your blogs are going to be about this. The same can be said for mortgage, staging whatever...
But first, you should figure out what you want your blog to accomplish.
Are you getting clients from it? Venting? Showing off homes … (31 comments)

real estate marketing: Oh You're in Seattle? Yeah, Good Luck With That.... - 08/02/11 01:28 PM
As most of us already know ActiveRain is based out of Seattle. While Seattle is sometimes off the radar for most of the country, when it comes to computers and the online industry Seattle is certainly "on the map". I also have noticed quite a few real estate professionals on ActiveRain from the Seattle area. I'm not sure if its because AR is in Seattle or if there are just more tech savvy and online gurus per capita in the area. 
Whatever the reason, if you are new to the online world in the Seattle area then you will be competing … (14 comments)

real estate marketing: If You're Not Blogging, Someone Else in Your Market Will (If they're not already!) - 07/13/11 10:17 AM
If You're Not Blogging, Someone Else in Your Market Will (If they're not already!)
If you're not on the blogging trail you may already be left behind. At this point, unless you're in a very small market, there is probably someone already in your market that is blogging and advertising more than you.
How badly do you want that sale? Serious articles, valuable content and relevant information are what real people are looking for online today. RIGHT NOW. If you have the real estate fluff that came with your cookie cutter site, or you have no content but just a … (16 comments)

real estate marketing: My Life Feels Like a Cruise Ship Sometimes... and Not in the Good Way... - 02/14/11 12:17 PM
My Life Feels Like a Cruise Ship Sometimes... and Not in the Good Way...
Wow, this hit me like a ton of bricks today.. ok maybe a ton of chocolate covered hearts considering it's Valentine's Day. But I just likened my life of business - and personal I guess, to a cruise ship.
Ever been on one? What is there to do??  EVERYTHING - that's what! If you are bored on a Cruise it's your own fault. I have only been on one cruise in my life and it was a short one at that but I loved it!! ~Side note- … (18 comments)

real estate marketing: The Suicidal Agent - 12/02/10 07:00 AM
Down on your listings? Buyers scarce? Don't commit real estate suicide! The suicidal agent is ready to throw in the towel, drop everything and stop the most important aspect of their career. Marketing.
When business is down, the first thing agents want to do is cut funding to advertising and marketing. But this is what brings in the business. This should be the last place you cut your budget.
Human beings need to see a or hear something at least 3 times just to be able to recall it. Do something 21 days to make it a habit and continual "in … (13 comments)

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