real estate websites: The Host, The Site, the Domain - THE DIFFERENCE - 03/11/16 01:13 AM
These three things all must work together in order to have a functioning website but most people don't know the difference and why you need all three.
We host dozens of websites for real estate agents and other businesses and usually charge annually for that service. March is the month we bill out and inevitably I get people calling saying, "what is this bill for? What am I paying for?" etc.. Literally it's the same people that called last year with the same question, regardless of how many times I've explained it. 
But I explain it like this in hopes that it will … (38 comments)

real estate websites: Quality over Quantity - More Blogs Doesn't Always Mean More Traffic - 01/02/13 10:53 PM
How to Be Intentional in your Blogging for 2013 As we dive head first into 2013 and our online marketing presence expands we must remember that more is not always better. As real estate agents and stagers you know this for a fact that a well-placed furniture piece or knick-knack can do wonders over the clutter and rubbish of a jumbled house.
The same should go for your website and/or blog.
With all the changes we saw Google dish out this past year we need to be more careful than ever to follow the rules and provide our reader exactly what … (68 comments)

real estate websites: Blogging Works - How Fast? Well, How Much Do You Want to Blog? - 12/18/12 01:38 AM
For those that have never blogged before people often ask,  “what and the world could I possibly blog about and who would want to read it?” Could I actually get leads from blogging?
The answer is absolutely yes! But how fast does it take to get those leads?
I started blogging for Marcus Brown in Portland Oregon in July of this year. This was a brand-new Real Geeks site, which if you don’t know, are an excellent real estate website  option although they are a little on the spending side. I started blogging three times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and … (32 comments)

real estate websites: Do You STILL Have Canned Content on Your Website? - 09/20/12 12:10 AM
When you started out as an agent you probably got one of those cookie-cutter template real estate websites from one of the big guys out there just to get by, right? And now it’s been a few years and you probably haven’t touched that site. You’ve been considering a WordPress site, but think that’s way too much work and you wouldn’t even know where to start.
You do have a pretty easy functioning website that you can direct traffic to for property searches but the content's canned and just like every other website that this provider puts out. How do you … (102 comments)

real estate websites: "I've Been an Broker for 20+ Years and I've Never Had a Website" - 09/06/12 11:29 PM
I heard this a lot when I was an agent (gasp) over 8 years ago, (wow, time flies) and our weekly staff meetings always brought up the same thing over and over.... "more and more people are buying on the web or at least looking there first, you must give them something from you personally"
It was a great way to sell more websites (we were not hosting sites at that time) but for our web provider, we were pulling in the customers to the tune of about 10 a week in our large brokerage.
But now, being on ActiveRain, I … (17 comments)

real estate websites: Use Your Niece or Nephew for SEO.... And Other Crazy Answers to Actual SEO Questions... - 02/10/12 04:11 AM
I see a lot of back ends...the website kind, anyway, in my line of work. I have worked with the majority of control panels and website providers out there but nothing takes the cake like the one I found today.
Although I probably can't reveal the name of the company, I can tell you the shocking and hilarious responses to their FAQ for Search Engine Optimization. There is just too many to list but I'll share with you the most ridiculous ones.
For starters, the customer service stinks. I couldn't find where to change the individual title and descriptions for … (29 comments)

real estate websites: As Agents Referring Business to Other Agents is a No-Brainer.... But For Me? [Pay it Forward] - 10/09/11 02:23 AM
It's not heard of much, rarely if that. People don't promote it, subscribe to it or even jump up and down. Many times there is that suspicion when it's done. "Is it me?" They say. There has to be some reason you're doing this.... not just because it's the right thing to do?
I recommended a company other than me.
There, I said it, whew... I feel better.
But I am still wanting to apologize and say, "it's really not you at all! Well, it IS you because I want to help you, and I don't think I can be the … (19 comments)

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