seo: Do We Even Need to Bother with Tags Anymore? - 04/22/19 08:11 AM
Are tags obsolete? Do they actually do anything SEO-wise? What's the point and do  I have to keep putting them in for every post? 
Well, let's break down what I mean by tag in this scenario then we'll approach that. Tags are now one of the most controversial aspects of on-page SEO. But what is a tag? 
Tags are different ways to clarify and classify a webpage. It's an HTML tag containing information search engines use to identify a specific webpage that usually contains keywords or phrases. Sounds important right? Well, the term tag is all-inclusive; it can mean several things so let's … (4 comments)

seo: SEO, SEM, CRO - OH MY! What is it? (And Does it Matter Anymore?) - 03/19/19 01:02 PM
Search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), conversion rate optimization (CRO)… Aren't these all essentially the same thing?
Well, not exactly. When the term is search engine optimization first came out that's exactly what we were doing, optimizing for search engines. There was a lot of black hat techniques 10 to 15 years ago and it was easy to game the system. This means that as long as you put enough effort, time, and usually, money into the game, you would end up on the first page. But of course, Google goes after those black hat optimizers and they are always looking … (33 comments)

seo: A HodgePodge Business or Laser Focused? - 03/10/19 03:26 PM
A local distillery is going out of business in our town. We only have two and one is calling it quits. Tim and I tried to go many times only to have it close at 4 PM, not open certain days, or a shot in the dark if anyone was there. When I saw a CLOSING SOON sign, I wondered what was up because they haven't been there long! We finally got a chance to stop in and I realized the situation very quickly. 
I know, what do distilleries and real estate have to do with each other.. wait a minute, I don't … (18 comments)

seo: Are You Remarkable? If Not, No One is Going to Care - 01/16/19 09:00 AM
"Worth of Attention - Striking" - Does that define you and your business? If not, no one is going to share, talk about, or refer you. 
Our society runs on social currency these days. We want to brag on social media, one-up our friends and acquaintances and have the inside scoop on something before anyone else. It's just the way we're wired. An experiment discovered that if you ask two groups of people if they prefer a job that made them $100,000 vs. $50,000 they obviously would take the $100,000 job. But then subjects were told that in the higher paying job everyone … (30 comments)

seo: Why Some Websites or Pages Rank Well With No Content - 01/02/19 01:34 PM
I'll be honest, this drives me nuts! When I research a community or area and find the first 10 spots on Google with NO CONTENT! What? Doesn't this break all the laws of SEO? Well, yes and no. There are about 200 factors when it comes to SEO rules and ranking factors so no content on a page is just one of those, albeit an important one. 
But why do these pages rank?
And it could be any site too,, Market Leader, Real Geeks, Wordpress, etc... That may not be the deciding factor at all. So what it is?
Well, it's a variety … (32 comments)

seo: Winter is a Great Time for a Facelift - Winter Checklist - 11/27/18 10:55 AM
In most markets around the country, things slow down this time of year (okay, I know not in Florida, but you're the exception). And now is a great time to revamp or refresh your website and get it ready for the spring season, which is right around the corner. By starting now, you can hone and perfect your site, ready for the masses come March.
Here's a great checklist of some things to check up on and refresh before spring.
Go through your major pages (those accessible from the menu and homepage) and double check they all look consistent, are grammatically correct, and … (9 comments)

seo: My Favorite Client Articles This Month - a Re-Cap - 10/15/18 11:57 AM
I write a lot... to the tune of 50+ blog posts and articles a week! No wonder I barely have time for my own blog. But in all my writing I come across a  lot of posts and I read them and I read yours too! Some are just awesome, some are informative, some really stick around and some I'm just proud of. For the sake of SEO, exposure, backlinks and just shout-outs, I wanted to share some of my favorite from the past month. I either wrote these, help those that did, or just feel they are worth sharing a … (6 comments)

seo: Do I Really Have to Write 2000 Words? - 10/05/18 08:47 AM
You may have heard a few blog posts or articles talking about how many words you really need for a blog post. Well, while you are free to write just about anything online you want and make it however long you want, if you really want it to stand out and stick around, the longer the better.
"But who has time to read that much? I certainly don't - don't people get bored and move on?"
Yes. But the longer the post is, the better it's laid out, and the more exhaustive in its information and authority, the more Google will find value … (39 comments)

seo: Did You Get the Mobile-First Indexing Email? - 09/25/18 07:24 AM
We've talked about mobile-compliancy for a website before and if you haven't made the switch you may find yourself sorely behind. Being mobile-compliant is crucial now.  Your site MUST be mobile-compliant not only for SEO purposes but just for the basic functionality for users! I mean, 63% of online activity is done through mobile devices now; smartphones, tablets, iPads, etc..  If your site is not rated for mobile-compliancy, you WILL be left behind.
So on the back of that little tidbit, Google has been sending out these emails that look like this:
Let's go back to the beginning... what exactly does it mean to … (16 comments)

seo: How to Optimize for Voice Search - 09/12/18 02:34 PM
"Okay, Google" - "Alexa" - These are two new entities in a lot of homes now. We tell them to add things to a shopping list, tell us a joke, or like me, get quick facts when homeschooling. But voice search is the newest thing and even if we've spent years perfecting our SEO on paper, it's all going to voice now. I ask Siri to give me directions or tell me where the closest gas station is,  ask Cortana about the best sushi in the area or Google how to get to downtown Seattle.
So how on earth are we … (35 comments)

seo: Difference Between Google+, Google Places, and Google Business - 09/04/18 10:47 AM
I did a post last week about Google My Business and how beneficial it can be for your business, regardless of your industry. If you have had a business name for some time, Google will automatically make a business page for you and then it's up to you to either claim the page or create a new one. But I also noticed that a lot of people didn't understand the difference between Google business, Google places, and Google+. Yes, it is confusing, but let me see if I can break this down a little bit better.
Google Places for Business – basically … (41 comments)

seo: Google My Business Listing is Bringing in Clients - 08/06/18 03:52 PM
Google Plus... almost a non-entity at this point. I read a post on Facebook the other day from a "Memory" from J. Philip Faranda that showed a Google plus symbol with the tagline, "Let me know if you want an invite for Google Plus!". HA.. well, those crazy days are gone but Google certainly isn't. Yes, Google plus still may be around for some good indexing here or there, but their My Business Page is really where it's at and you may be utilizing it all wrong. 
If you don't have a Google Business Page, get one. It's free and it's another great SEO … (37 comments)

seo: "Dwell Time" Keeping People on Your Site - 07/24/18 08:14 AM
People click and then instantly hit the back button. How can you keep more people on your site and the RIGHT people? 
Google looks at "Time on Site" or "Dwell Time" and the average dwell time for a high-ranking website is 3 minutes according to Google but we only have 2 seconds to catch their attention! So how can we do that?
How to Keep More People on Your Site Longer
You can write 5,000 words that clearly declares you know what you're talking about but if people click away because they're bored Google will slowly devalue your page until you're nowhere to be … (23 comments)

seo: If Your Site Doesn't Have an SSL Cert. You're Behind - 05/08/18 04:03 PM
SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer). That's the httpS at the beginning of your website domain address. They've been around for a couple years now but they are getting more and more important and if you don't have one, you're already behind the times. 
I haven't blogged in a while but the ideas keep building up. I need to share this information because we are seeing more and more sites buying SSL certificates and attaching them to their site. This is imperative and inevitable. So much so, many people may not even click on your site if it's not secure. You might be losing a … (38 comments)

seo: Are You Sure This Business is For You? - 01/30/18 01:56 PM
Lynn Friedman urged me to share my story on AR for the Contest "Advice for New Agents" - I originally posted this on Quora 1/30/2018
Be a real estate agent, they said. It will be fun, they said. Haha. The life of a real estate agent; being your own boss. Doing what you want, when you want, and then getting the big, ol’ fat paycheck at the end of a closing. Sounds great, right? That’s exactly what I thought when I got out of the retail world and decided to be a real estate agent. I mean, I didn’t have to keep the 9 … (22 comments)

seo: What Do Yoda and Real Estate Agents Have in Common? - 11/18/17 11:34 AM
You know Yoda, that wise old Jedi who trained Luke to use the force? I don't think anyone here doesn't know who I'm referring to when I say Yoda, Jedi, or Luke. We almost all know the story of Star Wars. And we probably all know what the story is generally about, right? Well, let me ask you this... Is the story about Yoda? Or Luke? Or maybe even Darth Vader? Chances are you didn't say Yoda. Because Yoda is the guide we all need in our lives. He is the one that comes alongside, helping guide the main character throughout … (6 comments)

seo: Google Wants Content, But People Get Bored... - 10/18/17 01:27 PM
You're online, you're writing, but are you getting anything in return? We've all heard content is King so why are people not responding to the gazillion blog posts I'm putting out there? 
Google is the King and we all want to play in the kingdom so we kind of have to follow their rules. We need to write for both search engines and the actual people that read our stuff. Unless you don't care about that. If you're just trying to fill your site with words, then go for it; grammar, spelling, and comprehension mean nothing, but just understand Google will know that … (51 comments)

seo: You Are Being Stalked and you may not even know it. - 08/27/17 02:51 PM
You Have a Million Dollars. You want to invest that million. Who do you trust?
Well, I don't have a million dollars but what money I do have I want to put into the hands of a trustworthy investor. I have been with Edward Jones for several things in the past, 501 for college, IRA, etc... but I didn't have a local agent so I went to work researching. 
Maybe it's just because I build websites for a living and focus on lead capture, but man was I picky.  I stalked this guy! I first looked up Edward Jones people in the area. … (4 comments)

seo: The Best Way to Syndicate Blog Posts & WHY - 06/05/17 09:06 AM
To Syndicate: repeat or make available on other mediums or sources.
Syndicated Content: Share or repeat summaries or full renditions of previously published articles or post.
I'm not talking about the syndicated reruns of Gilligan's Island, but your own content shared elsewhere from where it was originally posted. 
First, we should do it, then we shouldn't; what about duplicate content, blah blah blah
We've talked about this a lot but now, Google almost expects it. If a blog post or article is noteworthy, some big name blog or website will pick it up and run with it. And that's what you want, as long as they are … (67 comments)

seo: Too Busy to Blog? - 04/26/17 11:47 AM
And busy is good, right? Well, maybe not. Tim, my husband, who also works with me, tells me I gotta be on ActiveRain every week (you can see how that worked out from my last blog how long ago?). Ugh... the commitment to keeping up with it! I know you know what I mean. I blog for everyone else, I don't have time to blog for me. But I really have to find that time and so do you.
Blogging is not about putting fluff on a page for the sake of words. It's telling someone something they may not already know for … (15 comments)

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