seo: What's Working in Organic SEO and How Long Does it Take? - 04/25/22 07:00 AM
Organic SEO used to be a thing that changed about every 2-3 months in the early 2000s. Google was constantly working to weed out the fakers, line-skippers, and spammers and it's gotten pretty good at it too. Now that the kinks are pretty much ironed out, not much has changed. Sites still need good content and backlinks rule. 
But in addition to a great foundation on-site, marketers are branching out, as they should be, with social media, networking, and establishing their brand and online presence in a variety of different ways. Buyers and sellers want to know you are on the ball … (6 comments)

seo: Don't Stop Marketing - Especially Now - 04/07/20 11:20 AM
We all know that this is a weird time but for most of us in the real estate industry working from home is not that unusual. I have a group of five friends where all the wives are best friends and all the husbands are best friends as well. We go camping together, vacation together, and our kids babysit for each other often. It's a really beautiful and unusual relationship and I am so grateful for it. But, Tim and I are the only ones that actually work from home. All the other husbands leave every day to their jobs in downtown … (30 comments)

seo: Quarantined? Time to Work on Your Marketing! - 03/17/20 10:59 AM
Whether you're up here in the heart of the US Coronavirus outbreak or somewhere else in the country or world, if you're being quarantined by this issue, maybe it's time to take a look at your website and marketing. 
Has it been years since your site has been updated?
Have you gone lax on social media posting?
Has it been months or years since your last piece of fresh content on your website?
Is all the information accurate? (We see this a lot... wrong number, address, broken links, etc..)
Have you switched brokerages?
Is it up to date or outdated?
What would a buyer or seller think when they … (6 comments)

seo: Internal Linking is a HUGE SEO Component - 03/04/20 11:02 AM
I've talked before about all the different factors that go into good SEO, which include but not limited to original content, word count, images, keywords, keyword density, authority, and the like, but backlinks and internal linking make up a huge piece of this puzzle. You know how they say different factors make up your credit score and how some components are heavier than others? The same goes for SEO. Internal linking has always been important but it seems that within the last few years it has gotten a bigger piece of the puzzle.
So, what is internal linking and how can you … (17 comments)

seo: Do Your Listings Show as Content? - 02/17/20 04:41 PM
This is huge! Ever wonder why you find other agents and brokerages above your site when all they have is listings and NO CONTENT? It can be infuriating when you feel you've put so much into a great community page only to have another site beat you out of the top 10 on Google with nothing!
There are a few reasons this could be the case but one of the biggest is showing listings as content.
Google doesn't know what it's looking at when scanning your site so you have to tell it. If it's a script or code that frames in the … (30 comments)

seo: 12 Key Points for On-Page SEO - 02/03/20 12:06 PM
I wrote an article on Academia this week that delved deep into on-page SEO and how to perfect it so I'll just run over the key points here. Feel free to follow me on to read the article in its entirety. (Psst... it's a great place to blog for backlinks)
What is On-Page SEO?
On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing a web page for search engines and users. We can't just link to a page if it's not optimized correctly. I mean, we can, but it's kind of pointless. You have to make sure that the information is relevant to whatever the person … (33 comments)

seo: A Small SEO Organizing Tip for Backlinks - 01/13/20 12:14 PM
This is just a little blurb about organization when it comes to SEO. I manage a lot of different websites and because when I work with someone's website I treated as my own, I do a lot of natural optimization, sharing, and backlink tasks. One of those, of course, is creating backlinks and garnering backlinks for my clients from high-quality websites. But, whether you are managing 50 websites or just one or two, you can still stay organized with your backlink development.
Do we need to start here? What is a backlink and why are they important?
There are hundreds, probably thousands of … (3 comments)

seo: When Brokers Shoot Themselves in the Foot - 12/11/19 10:34 AM
Just sit right back and I'll tell a tale... a tale of a silly broker... 
This has been an interesting scenario over the last month that we've helped deal with but it shows that some brokers are willing to step over dollars to pick up pennies. 
We've worked on and off with a client in Illinois that kills it with his Google Business Page. He thought ahead and signed up for a Google Business page years ago listing his name and his brokerage office.  He's collected several dozen positive reviews. However, his broker recently got a complaint that he gets the call when someone … (31 comments)

seo: SEO is A Lot Like Going to the Gym - 11/20/19 12:50 PM
One trip to the gym will not put you in shape nor will you lose weight. We all know this. So why do we expect the same results from other things in our life? My husband Tim and I have been marriage coaches in our community for several years and we often relate working on your marriage to working out at the gym.
To build a different life or to change something it has to be a consistent and continuous effort. To change old or bad habits we have to implement new habits and then stay consistent so that they actually do … (13 comments)

seo: Uphill Battle When Google Lets Others Use Your Trademark - 11/14/19 12:31 PM
Back in 2007, we decided to trademark our name, Personal SEO. Not necessarily for any major reason, just for the sake of having a trademarked name. Unfortunately, is owned by someone else and he refuses to give it up and we just don't have the time to try and tackle legal action. (We do own
But recently we've noticed that our PPC campaign has not been showing our ads at all. After several phone calls, we sort of got to the bottom of it. It seems there are dozens of other companies using the key phrase "personal SEO" in … (3 comments)

seo: How Many Links Are Appropriate for Posts and Pages? - 11/04/19 01:03 PM
This on-going controversy has been gumming up the SEO works for years. We had some definitive answers when Google stated that 100 per page was plenty although it's been proven that over 100 links per page or post are not penalized. Clearly, no amount of links on a page has necessarily been penalized but we also don't want a directory of links when we go to a site. 
Links have to DO something. They shouldn't just be there for the sake of having a link, either internally or externally or because your Yoast Plug-in told you that you need more links. A … (19 comments)

seo: Bring Older Posts Back to Life but Be Careful - 10/02/19 07:22 AM
If you've built up a good wealth of blog posts either on ActiveRain or on your website, it's not a bad idea to bring some of those older posts back to life, especially if they have great information that is timeless.
This can also go for annual events. Let's say you had a post on Halloween events last year. Rather than writing up an entirely new blog post with new information, go back to that older posts, update the information, and republish it as a newer post. This is pretty easy to do on websites such as Wordpress because you can … (26 comments)

seo: How to Boost Your Local SEO With Citations - 09/24/19 09:36 AM
Local SEO at its Finest
Ok, so let's start with the simple question. What is a business citation?
Business Citations are what Google and Bing use to rank your site in the three-pack. Three pack? What is a three-pack?
In the Google Search results you will see this:
No doubt that you have seen then while you are searching the web and while you may have a listing here, there is a way to outrank your competitors by doing the following steps.
Create a business citation – easier said than done, like everything marketing but you need to have the following information to create a citation.

seo: Custom Search Links to Keep People On Your Site - 08/06/19 11:40 AM
Keep People On Your Site!
That's one of the biggest issues with websites... how to keep people on the site. It's not just one page either. We want people clicking around all the time! But if we don't give our readers anything to click on then they certainly won't go searching themselves. We have to make it very obvious and clear that we want to send them down a rabbit hole of great information and that can be hard to do on a real estate site unless they're looking at listings... and that's exactly what we want them to do. The reason … (15 comments)

seo: Content Migration? You Don't Have Time for That - 07/26/19 07:27 AM
Our line of work is always morphing and changing and while we don't do it all (and that's okay) we can do a lot of tasks... of which most agents just don't have time for. Whether it's building a website from scratch, writing custom, optimized content, social media management or link integration, just like you, we stay up on the newest trends and SEO tips. But what about basic content migration?
In case you don't know, content migration is exactly that, migrating content from one website (platform) to another. This is the tedious work that most agents and brokers just don't have … (4 comments)

seo: An Easy Way to Get More Google Reviews - 05/29/19 09:19 AM
How to Get More Real Estate Reviews on Google!
Search Engine Optimization has changed over the years and it continues to change. One of the newest changes is Local SEO which has to do with Google My Business and how your business shows up on the three pack of business, which includes your website, phone number, images and now blog posts.
One of the best ways to increase your ranking in the Local Pack is to have more reviews than those that you are competing with. This can be a difficult asking a client to give you a review since they have to … (7 comments)

seo: Do We Even Need to Bother with Tags Anymore? - 04/22/19 08:11 AM
Are tags obsolete? Do they actually do anything SEO-wise? What's the point and do  I have to keep putting them in for every post? 
Well, let's break down what I mean by tag in this scenario then we'll approach that. Tags are now one of the most controversial aspects of on-page SEO. But what is a tag? 
Tags are different ways to clarify and classify a webpage. It's an HTML tag containing information search engines use to identify a specific webpage that usually contains keywords or phrases. Sounds important right? Well, the term tag is all-inclusive; it can mean several things so let's … (4 comments)

seo: SEO, SEM, CRO - OH MY! What is it? (And Does it Matter Anymore?) - 03/19/19 01:02 PM
Search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), conversion rate optimization (CRO)… Aren't these all essentially the same thing?
Well, not exactly. When the term is search engine optimization first came out that's exactly what we were doing, optimizing for search engines. There was a lot of black hat techniques 10 to 15 years ago and it was easy to game the system. This means that as long as you put enough effort, time, and usually, money into the game, you would end up on the first page. But of course, Google goes after those black hat optimizers and they are always looking … (35 comments)

seo: A HodgePodge Business or Laser Focused? - 03/10/19 03:26 PM
A local distillery is going out of business in our town. We only have two and one is calling it quits. Tim and I tried to go many times only to have it close at 4 PM, not open certain days, or a shot in the dark if anyone was there. When I saw a CLOSING SOON sign, I wondered what was up because they haven't been there long! We finally got a chance to stop in and I realized the situation very quickly. 
I know, what do distilleries and real estate have to do with each other.. wait a minute, I don't … (18 comments)

seo: Are You Remarkable? If Not, No One is Going to Care - 01/16/19 09:00 AM
"Worth of Attention - Striking" - Does that define you and your business? If not, no one is going to share, talk about, or refer you. 
Our society runs on social currency these days. We want to brag on social media, one-up our friends and acquaintances and have the inside scoop on something before anyone else. It's just the way we're wired. An experiment discovered that if you ask two groups of people if they prefer a job that made them $100,000 vs. $50,000 they obviously would take the $100,000 job. But then subjects were told that in the higher paying job everyone … (31 comments)

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