website design: The Hidden Cost of Getting and Keeping a WordPress Website. - 09/08/17 03:27 PM
 ~By Tim Emineth
We have talked to a lot of agents, that are moving from an “all in one site” to a WordPress website. I define all in one sites as websites that have a larger monthly fee and everything is provided for you, the MLS solution and the content. An example of the All in one sites are iHouseweb, Real Geeks, Boomtown, flexmls or any other turn key site. I am not saying that these sites are bad if you have one and if it's working for you then great. The key phrase is if it is working for you, if it isn’t then … (79 comments)

website design: You Are Being Stalked and you may not even know it. - 08/27/17 02:51 PM
You Have a Million Dollars. You want to invest that million. Who do you trust?
Well, I don't have a million dollars but what money I do have I want to put into the hands of a trustworthy investor. I have been with Edward Jones for several things in the past, 501 for college, IRA, etc... but I didn't have a local agent so I went to work researching. 
Maybe it's just because I build websites for a living and focus on lead capture, but man was I picky.  I stalked this guy! I first looked up Edward Jones people in the area. … (4 comments)

website design: 10 Things to Know Before Designing (or Re-Designing) Your Website - 08/08/17 02:06 PM
How to get the most out of your web designer, without being annoying ~ BY TIM EMINETH
If you have been in any kind of service business for a while you have run into the “difficult customer". You know the one you can’t make happy no matter how hard you try.
Well, I want to try and give you the in’s and out’s of web design so you can create a great relationship with your designer rather than just using them on your current project and hoping to never speak to them again. (Yes, this happens more than you know).
So here are my 10 … (40 comments)

website design: Do You Want an SEO'd Site or a Pretty One? - 07/11/17 07:39 AM
Oh, the dilemma! As an SEO person (I hate using the word 'expert' or 'pro' because we are always learning and things are always changing), we constantly work on making sites load faster, appeal to Google and follow all the rules.  But as a consumer, I want a pretty site, easy to read, attractive, and one that stands out, which usually means movement, big images and buttons. 
  UGH  - The Dilemma Hence lies our dilemma. I get it. You want an amazing site! Who doesn't!? But because we are SEO people first and web designers second, we build and design for … (11 comments)

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