website marketing: What to Use Instead of "Contact Me" - 01/02/18 09:26 AM
It's overplayed... and I'll admit I've used it about 8 zillion times but it doesn't have the same pop like it use to... Did it ever? I'm not sure. But I do know that we gloss over those words at the end of an article but man, when we need that "Contact" button, we certainly go hunting for it, don't we?
But, isn't the idea of every article, post, or social media promotion to get a client to contact me? So how do we invoke the idea of communication instead of just the tired and old, contact me? I've been doing a … (63 comments)

website marketing: Tune Up Your Website Over the Holidays with Updated Info - 12/14/16 10:07 AM
I'm going to assume that most of you are not the busiest during the holidays? Then again, maybe you are since there are more people that have time off and feel they have the time to look at homes etc... but if you're like most agents and loan officers, this is probably your slowest month, or into January. But now is a great time to update your website.
If you blog on your website or have static pages (pages that never revolve like a blog post) it might be a great time to go through those and make sure they are updated. 
If … (25 comments)

website marketing: Start with a Good Foundation and it's Building on Success -SEO Tune-Up - 02/03/14 11:24 PM
Maybe you've just signed up for ActiveRain, just got a new website or domain, or maybe you've been spinning your wheels for years and can't figure this SEO thing out.
Whatever the reason, if you're stacking good blogs on a bad site, you may get no where fast.

ActiveRain is great for blogging those current events, fast indexing posts and market reports with high quality link backs to your site, but once people get there, what are they seeing? Does your website give people an easy route to follow for buyers and sellers? Do people know where you are when … (36 comments)

website marketing: I'm Sorry, You're Just Too Busy For Me - 09/20/11 07:36 AM
I got an email the other day from a pipeline client - you know one of those potential - might-be, could-be type of client? He is debating on a WordPress site. He gave me a few examples of websites that he likes plus those that were so confusing he couldn't understand how anyone could know where to begin. It got me thinking about that. If at first glance a REAL ESTATE AGENT doesn't know where to begin, how can we expect actual buyers and sellers to know what to do when they reach our website.
Andrew Hanelly wrote an intriguing article of the … (12 comments)

website marketing: Separate Website or Subpage of Your Existing Site for Specific Listings or Landing Pages? - 06/27/11 08:28 AM
Separate Website VS. Subpage of Your Existing Site for Specific Listings or Landing Pages?
Is it smarter to buy a specific domain for each listing, neighborhood or keyword or simply create a landing sub page on your existing site?
Granted, it costs $10 or so to get a keyword specific domain and there have been a lot of blogs and controversy over keyword rich domains. But do you have to do it to gain higher rank for that keyword?
I discussed the importance of URL re-writes in my previous posts about neglecting your website.Having the URL (actual website address) include the … (7 comments)

website marketing: Got Multiple Domains? Are You Redirecting Them Correctly? - (URL Redirects) - 01/06/11 02:35 AM
~ Got Multiple Domains? Are You Redirecting Them Correctly? -(URL Redirects) ~
I may not know everything about SEO - heck no one does because they are changing things all the time and it's tough to keep up. But those tried and true things that either make or break the site can really have lasting impressions.
 I usually deal with folks that already have a website through some hosting company and need to optimize it. The problem is, that company let them buy 5-10 different keyword rich domains in the hopes of gaining more customers. That's all well and good except … (17 comments)

website marketing: HELP! We Switched Brokerages and Can't Use the Same Domain Anymore! ~ Email Challenge - 01/04/11 06:06 AM
HELP! We Switched Brokerages and Can't Use the Same Domain Anymore! ~ Email Challenge
This is a tough one. As an SEO professional I have spent a couple years building up a reputation for a certain real estate site.  Their domain was their brokerage name and area. I have spent hundreds of hours over the past few years linking to the site, tagging the site, creating pages, articles and everything else for the site. Not to mention the hundreds of back links spread literally all over timbucktoo pointing back to this specific URL.
Then comes the email. We are no longer … (7 comments)

website marketing: Email Challenge ~ Answering "How Do I Put MyActiveRain Blog Into Groups?" - 01/03/11 11:41 AM
~ Email Challenge ~ Answering "How Do I Put MyActiveRain Blog Into Groups?" ~
This was literally too perfect today. I posted a comment on Glenn Freezman post because it came up on the blog roll about 6 times. I thought it was just another attempt at forcing us all to look at a post a million time but turns out it was a new AR member not knowing exactly how to post into groups or categories. He privately asked me about my comment on  "ha, publish this much?" and I explained how it had been published to the blog … (14 comments)

website marketing: Wondering How Long it will Take For Your Site To Rank on Google? Well, Keep Wondering..... - 11/17/10 12:30 AM
You started blogging, working with some SEO (search engine optimization) techniques and now you wonder why you are not on the first page of Google yet? How long will it take for your site to rank well?
Here's the answer: No one knows for sure.
Not the answer you wanted? Sorry, there is no magical 3 month 12 step program for getting on the first page. If there was, I would be rich.
Of course you can get on the first page with your AR (Active Rain) blog within 10 minutes which is great. But your actual real estate website is … (14 comments)

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